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Pathways to Supernode Careers

The Jobs of the Future

Christchurch offers unique learning and career opportunities for students across four Supernodes - global growth industries where we are leading the way in creating solutions for an exciting future.


Christchurch has more than 150 top quality schools, three university campuses in the top two per cent in the world, and the largest ITP in the South Island - all offering programmes to propel students into Supernode industry careers.

Strong eco-systems around each Supernode make it easy for students to connect with innovative businesses working on the world’s biggest and boldest challenges, with opportunities such as:

  • Internships and work-integrated learning
  • Challenges and Hackathons
  • Networking groups and events

Come to Christchurch to explore the opportunity in our Supernode industries. 


Starting a Health Tech Career

Eve Ji

Skills and Qualifications Most in Demand from Employers

Aerospace and Future Transport

The Aerospace & Future Transport Supernode requires deep foundational knowledge in specialist areas across Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Employers are looking for graduates of Applied Data Science and Mechatronics, with capability in Machine Learning, Automation, IoT and Firmware development. They are also looking for vocational skills in areas of high-value Fabrication and Electronics.

Health Tech and Resilient Communities

A growing Health-tech & Resilient Communities sector requires a strong manufacturing, professional, scientific and technical services and health care and social assistance talent flow. Health Sciences and Health Practice graduates with skills in genetics, the health of populations, evidence-based decision making, psychology, education, and public policy are in demand; along with Nursing and Data Science graduates.

Food, Fibre and Agritech

The shift towards a high-value, global food and fibre economy comes with a fundamental shift in the types of skills, knowledge and mindsets needed. As we transition to a market-led, consumer-centric approach, local businesses are looking for Engineers and Computer Scientists to increase efficiencies, and Data Scientists are growing in demand as the industry becomes more automated and connected. Local businesses are also looking for graduates with vocational qualifications in Laboratory Technology.

Hi-Tech Services

There is a strong demand for graduates who are qualified in Computer Science, particularly those who combine technical skills with good communication and teamwork skills. Canterbury's leading-edge IT sector is facing a shortage of qualified graduates, meaning that qualified Computer Science graduates are in high demand. Local employers are specifically looking for graduates with skills in Data Analysis, IoT and Maths, Physics and Data Security. Vocational skills in Computing and Technical Support are also in high demand.

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