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Career Pathways

Jobs Of The Future

Christchurch's innovative eco-system is the place to start and grow a career. World-class education programmes offer the skills required to solve global problems, while internships provide the experience students need to land their dream role. Find out more about our growth clusters and other career opportunities here.

Business Clusters Lab Group

Pathways To Careers In Our Growth Clusters

Find out more about study options and pathways to careers within our growth clusters: Aerospace and Future Transport, Health Tech and Resilient Communities, Food, Fibre and Agritech, and Hi-Tech Services.

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Becoming Work Ready

When you study at one of our tertiary institutions you will find many ways to learn about the Kiwi work environment, the opportunities available and how to connect with future employers. We have put together some resources support you on your journey.

Case Studies

See how Stephanie, Suli & Sarah powered up their careers.