Earth and Sky

Earth & Sky operate stargazing and Observatory tours in Lake Tekapo at two observatory locations where you can experience the darkest night skies. Based at the heart of the Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve, our tours will not only fascinate you but also educate and entertain you with spectacular views from horizon to horizon - see the vast Milky way stretching across the Southern night sky. Enjoy using a range of scientific telescopes to view through. By day, hike or drive (road access fee applies) to the summit of Mt John where the Astro Café is located. While enjoying refreshments take in the views of vast landscapes, mountain ranges & turquoise water of Lake Tekapo. Earth & Sky is Lake Tekapo's No 1 star attraction.

Opening Hours

Business hours
    Summer 10am - midnight (1 November - 31 March). Winter 10am - 10pm (1 April - 31 October)
Months of operation
    All Year
  • Proximity to town:
    Earth&Sky Office is located on the main street; Mt John Observatory is located 15 minutes from Lake Tekapo Township.

Pricing & Conditions

Mt John Day tours, Family Tours and Cowan's Observatory Tour, conditions apply. Age restrictions applies to different tours. Earth & Sky Terms and Conditions. Full payment of your tour is required at time of booking. Earth & Sky asks you to consider this statement prior to payment. Earth & Sky wishes to advise it is unable to guarantee full clarity of the night sky.   Periodically our Mt John Astronomy Tours may be subject to partial or full cloud.