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Goal Setting

Goal Setting

One Step At A Time

Getting the job you want is the end goal but first you need to set a series of small goals that will get you there. If you think about it one step at a time and focus on each of the steps individually, it becomes far more achievable.  


Narrow Down Your Job List

There are 7 ways to narrow down your search: 




Figure out first what you don't want to do, you’ll have a clearer picture with what’s left.


Do a dream job search. Look through job ads (even international job boards will work), take away all limitations and see what jobs appeal to you. What is it about those jobs that appeal?


Define what’s important to you in a job. Is it contributing to your community? Work hours? Flexibility? Working in a team? Autonomy and making your own decisions? Career progression opportunities?


Another way to find a job that’s the right fit is to define your key values, and then look through job ads to see what aligns with them. This means you’re more likely to find a fulfilling job in the long term. Here's a helpful tool to help you do this.


Talk to people. Ask a friend or neighbour what they like about their job. Find out if that interests you. You will start to build a picture and understand what you want to do.


Give yourself a timeline. Your timeline might be dependent on your financial situation or the amount of time you have to spend on your job search during the day.


Many recruiters don't list job salaries, but if you want to know the pay scale of the jobs you are interested in, check out the Hays Salary Checker for wage comparisons. 

Set Your Goals

Break your larger tasks down into smaller more manageable sized chunks. Cross off your goals as you achieve them and celebrate the wins.

  • Celebrate the small things. It builds confidence and self-worth”. When you start to progress, you start to feel more positive, and start to go, actually I can do this or I'm going to try.”
    Claire French – Career Coach

List Your Goals

Once you've sorted your goals, it's now time to plan your career.