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Paving A Way For Green Energy


Green Energy on her horizon

Process engineering is all about efficiency. Atheena’s role focuses on transforming bulk raw materials, such as oil, natural gas or milk and working out how to turn them into an end product such as milk formula, gasoline or butter. She takes a product from one state and works out how to add value or enable it to be produced, faster, efficiently or in a more sustainable way.

Do What You Enjoy

I started my career in engineering as I really enjoyed numbers and science at school and I knew I wanted a career in STEM. My dad was also an engineer, so it was always a job that was on my radar when I was growing up.

Process Perfection

As a process engineer at Beca a big part of my role is designing and optimising production processes. No day is the same, if I’m not in the office meeting with colleagues about projects or writing analysis reports, I’m out on site at processing plants talking to production specialists and getting hands on access to my work.

Converting To Green Energy

I’m really passionate about sustainability and energy reduction. A project I was recently involved in was converting a brewery LPG boiler to an electric boiler to reduce their carbon emissions. It was really rewarding knowing my work has contributed to taking better care of the environment. 

The Future Of Engineering

Engineering is such a dynamic and exciting career where you can solve real life problems and innovate. There are so many opportunities in Christchurch and I can’t wait to see where my career will take me.

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