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Global Growth Opportunity: Supernodes

A test-bed for innovation, Christchurch is the place for future-focused, sustainable businesses and people who want to do things differently. We are leading the way in global health tech, aerospace and future transport, food fibre and agritech, and hi-tech solutions. These strategic strength sectors, Supernodes, are supported by progressive ecosystems connecting enterprise, education, and government.

The future is bright, for everyone. Come join us.

Supernode Sector Areas

Business Supernode Aerospace

Aerospace and Future Transport

With a current global value of $360 billion and estimates that it could be a $2.7 trillion industry by 2050, the field of Aerospace and Future Transport holds great opportunity for the Canterbury region.
Business Supernode Food

Food, Fibre and Agritech

Canterbury is New Zealand’s largest agricultural region, contributing one fifth of national agricultural GDP.  The region produces meat and dairy products, plant-based products, seafood and wine for both domestic and international consumers.
Business Supernode Health Tech

Health Tech and Resilient Communities

With the establishment of a centralised health precinct creating a much closer connection between research, testing and commercialisation, Christchurch can accelerate research into analytics and machine learning, virtual healthcare, bio-metrics & wearables and insurance tech.
Business Supernode High Tech

High Tech Services

With an international reputation for producing the smartest service tech, Christchurch provides the best value brains to the largest companies. Christchurch boasts a dynamic tech ecosystem offering excellent support for start-ups and investors.

The Big Picture

Supernodes are sectors with strong global growth opportunities where the region has existing strengths and capabilities. Christchurch has catalysed strong eco-systems around each Supernode, aligning and connecting students, iwi, education providers, industry, and government to accelerate opportunities and growth.

This is about a progressive, prosperous and sustainable future. Supernodes are facilitating an innovative mindset among our population, our education sector and our industries, aligning talent and education goals, and encouraging cross-sector collaboration.

The talent pipeline to support is geared up and growing. Canterbury hosts three world-class university campuses in the top two per cent in the world, and the largest ITP in the South Island, offering programmes ranked in the top 100 globally.

With world-class opportunities for work integrated learning, pathway programmes, joint ventures, increased innovation and R&D, and talent and business attraction, Supernodes are transforming and future-proofing the Canterbury economy to stay globally relevant.

Hero Supernode Technicians Working

Our Start-Up & Innovation Ecosystem

How to take your business idea to the next level.

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