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Industry Networking Groups And Information

Industry Networking Groups And Information

For specialised industry information, these Canterbury groups have what you need to figure what's right for you.

Canterbury Tech - Monthly events and an annual summit for those working in, or interested in working in, the tech sector. Free membership for students.  

Women in Tech – Christchurch: A group of professional women helping and supporting each other, sharing challenges and success stories. 

Tech Women - A group of passionate New Zealand tech, digital and ICT focused women from leading organisations that work together to support and mentor women.

Women in Manufacturing - Christchurch: Connect and network with women in leadership roles, Women who are interested in modern manufacturing, and those providing services to manufacturing organisations.

Women in Engineering - For those entering the engineering profession, this programme helps you transition to work and build the skills you need to be an outstanding engineering professional.

Aerospace Christchurch - Monthly meetup events open to those working in the industry but also anyone interested in learning about Aerospace. Events encompass broad aspects of aerospace: Aviation, space flight, rocketry, manufacturing, engineering, geospatial mapping, data analytics, education, training and services. 

Trade Careers - Toolkits and resources for women entering and working in trades. 

Connexis - Information for women interested in working in the infrastructure sector (Energy, Telecommunications, and Water).