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  1. Convention Bureau News Alessandro

    Building a Resilient New Christchurch

    To most people, a 100m stretch of road in Christchurch, New Zealand, is known as the ‘Wigram-Magdala Link overbridge’. To Dr Alessandro Palermo, it is the ‘Ferrari of bridges’. Palermo - an award-winning earthquake engineering expert - knows that what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in high performance and safety.
  2. Grater Goods Food

    Grater Goods

    Flip Grater credits a renewed Christchurch with the success of her life as a mum, a musician, an author, and a vegan butcher.
  3. Christchurch Night Life

    Gearing up for a Bumper Summer

    Our vibrant city will host a multitude of events throughout summer 2019, including live music and world-class entertainment, international sporting events, community fetes and fairs, arts extravaganzas and seasonal favourites.