The Best Ice Creams In Town!
Our guide to the best cold treats in Christchurch
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The Best Ice Cream Spots in Christchurch

It wouldn't be a real Kiwi summer without great ice cream! Luckily in Christchurch, it's pretty easy to get your ice cream cravings sorted! Here are our top picks.

Ben & Jerry's

Indulge in a scoop or three at the only Ben & Jerry's store in the South Island. Renowned for their creative and cleverly named flavours including Phish Food (containing actual chocolate fish), Chunky Monkey and The Tonight Dough Jimmy Fallon - it's the place to stay cool when exploring the CBD.



Rollickin' Gelato

The Rollickin' Gelato team takes pride in making real Kiwi ice cream with local, organic ingredients and seasonal unique flavours like Anne's Ambrosia, Lemon Lime and Bitters, Feijoa, or Ginger Crunch. For all of those who like it a bit more classy, the dark chocolate gelato is irresistible.

Berry Culture

Berry Culture specialises in homemade soft serve ice cream, frozen yoghurt, and creamy dairy free chia pudding with different toppings. Toppings include a delicious range of locally sourced berries. Watch out for the little berry truck or go and see them at their "headquarters" on Sawyers Arms Road.

Utopia Ice

Utopia Ice started with a little stall at the Christchurch Farmers Market and a pop-up kiosk in Sumner. Now located in the city, the couple sells French-style ice cream and has specialised in plant-based ice cream - perfect for vegans. 


A must stop when you're heading out to Sumner beach. Charlato (former Totally Gelato), a quirky little ice cream shop on the corner of Mariner and Burgess Street offers Italian style gelato, really rich, creamy and smooth. The shop is very popular with locals and tourists and on a sunny day is incredibly busy.

Vanilla Ice

One of New Zealand ice cream pioneers started his business in Christchurch. In 1903, Sali Mahomet aka Ice Cream Charlie set up his cart in Cathedral Square and sold ice cream for the first time. Ice Cream Charlie has since passed on but his legacy remains. Ice Cream Charlie's recipes are still used today and every summer you'll find his Vanilla Truck parked in Victoria Square.

Gelato Roma

Gelato Roma's home is Nelson, but their mobile truck is located in Christchurch and spoils us with delicious artisan ice cream. The team makes traditional Italian ice cream with locally sourced products. Make sure to try the Stracciatella - an Italian classic! 


Located opposite Stranges Lane, you'll find a van (soon a transformed container) that sells authentic Italian ice cream. Gelatiamo has a good range of different ice cream flavours that are simply delicious! We also like the name of the gelateria: it comes from "gelato" the Italian word for ice cream and "ti amo" the Italian expression for "I love you" - it nails it, who doesn't love gelato!


Fuse is a real fruit ice cream trailer positioned opposite the playground at Cashmere Road. If you're in to trying new things, then the "real nut" ice creams are a must! What could be better than a blend of peanut butter or Nutella with ice cream or frozen yogurt - yum! Fuse also make a range of ice cream sauces onsite - white, milk and dark chocolate just to name a few. Find out more on their Facebook page.

The Gelato Lab

The Gelato Lab in Opawa uses traditional Italian methods to make their beautiful artisan gelato. Gelato is blended from scratch by their Italian gelato chef with flavours such as fresh mint and white chocolate, gingernut, and Italian sour cherry. On weekends they now even have an entire dairy free cabinet filled with 9 different flavours of dairy free treats!

Gelato Dolce

During the warmer months, Gelato Dolce has its cute red cart parked at Cathedral Square for the Friday Street Food Market. The ice cream is handcrafted with locally sourced and Italian ingredients. The team prepares sorbets (water-based) and dairy ice cream. Our must-try is "Stracciatella", vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips - a real Italian classic.

Berry Healthy Real Fruit Ice Cream and Yoghurt

If you are looking for a healthier alternative, check out Berry Healthy. Apart from real ice cream, they sell frozen yoghurt as well. It is very refreshing and you will feel less guilty.

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