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Kaikoura Whale Watching & Heli Gourmet Experience

Lifting off from our beachfront helipads we head toward the Hikurangi Marine Reserve in search of wildlife in our waters. Kaikōura is not only home to the magnificent Sperm Whale, but is also a migratory route for a variety of different whale and dolphin species such as the Humpback Whale, Blue Whale, Southern Right Whale and Orca, so we never know from flight to flight when we might spot something different.
After searching for whales, across the coastline and inland over the Kaikoura flats you head on our way into the Seaward Kaikoura mountains for a remote landing site. Take the opportunity to get out of the helicopter and take in the magnificent views and breathe in the fresh air. Then onto Hapuku Lodge 3 course a la carte lunch.

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