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Hanmer Springs Ski Area

Hanmer Springs Ski Area is a friendly, fun and spacious ski area just 20km from the alpine resort town of Hanmer Springs. There are a variety of groomed runs and off piste to choose from for all ages and stages of ski and snowboard ability.

The car park is at the base of the huts and it’s just a short walk to the tows. There are no queues so you can get in as many runs as your body can handle and the tows operate until you want to stop! The mountain accommodation is backpacker style and is self catering, so don’t forget to bring supplies.

Ski and snowboard hire available on field or in the village.

Terrain - 10% Beginner, 60% Intermediate, 30% Advanced
Terrain Park - Natural hits, tables pushed up on request, talk to the staff!

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