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Successful Ventures Selected For The Smart City Challenge 2024

17 Ventures Ready for the Smart City Challenge 2024.

From a beach safety solution to parking efficiency to using hempcrete as a sustainable building resource – these are just some of the ideas unearthed as part of the Smart City Challenge 2024.

Seventeen ventures have been shortlisted to take part in the Smart City Challenge 2024, a ten week programme to support innovators to develop commercially feasible solutions which will positively impact Christchurch's transport, tourism, environment or resilience.

Participants will benefit from high-quality coaching and mentoring, presentations from key stakeholders, start-up knowledge and resources, and connections with influential players in the Smart City and start-up ecosystem. The programme will culminate in a showcase and awards event in June and where a cash prize pool and ongoing start up support will be up awarded.

The Challenge is powered by ChristchurchNZ and the Christchurch City Council Smart City team and is delivered by the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Read about the participants below and follow their journey.

Top 17 Ventures For The Smart City Challenge 2024


Making the city more harmonious by designing a navigation system for people with disabilities.

Bliss Parking Solutions

Solar-powered, low-maintenance, active wireless parking slot sensor for more accessible managed parking to enhance driver experience and increase parking revenue in safe cities.

Carbon Credit Account Ledger

A software system that uses satellite data to inform farmers of how much methane they are emitting and how much they extract out of the air.


A software for designers to assess and lower the levels of embodied carbon in building designs through material recommendations.


Reduce emissions and provide healthier living environment by building with locally sourced hempcrete.

Jiangsu Enermof Technologies Co., Ltd

Implementation  of innovative recycling and upcycling processes within manufacturing operations, promoting circular economy principles and sustainable practices.


Fueling resilient communities through sharing surplus home-grown produce to combat food waste, support those in need, and strengthen community bonds.

Lets do the dishes!

Promote business, reduce rubbish, provide for those who need it, by doing dishes!

Oasis Aero

Reduce emissions associated with environmental monitoring activities with a zero emissions UAV designed to operate for up to 12 hours.

Our Christchurch Otautahi

Welcoming Otautahi Christchurch manuhiri to share our story through media and arts performance.

Park Easy

Creating one easy platform for parking in Christchurch.


Transforming homeowners’ backyards to tackle the housing shortage for Ōtautahi, while generating extra income for the downsizing homeowner.


TBN aims to enhance the leisure and commuting experience along the picturesque Avon River plus provide a ferry service between South Shore and Sumner.


Taking the nutrition from dairy and the sustainability from oats and making the best, creamiest milk powder you've ever tried, with less impact.

Tree Children

Kindle or rekindle people’s love for nature and their willingness to grow and protect nature through the process of connecting with nature


Improve personal transport for commuters with efficient all weather recumbent cycles, as a small car alternative.

Xuxiong Cheng

Innovative human-centered design architecture combined with AR interaction design to improve the safety and experience of beachgoers when engaging in beach activities.

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