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ICMS Australasia

At ICMSA, they embrace a conviction in the profound impact of meetings and events, fuelling their passion for delivering unparalleled experiences. With an unwavering focus on logistics, ingenuity, cutting-edge technology, and robust financial management, they synergise these elements to orchestrate flawless outcomes for each meeting and event entrusted to their management.

Their team's dedication and wealth of experience ensures that every engagement they undertake becomes a resounding success, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and participants alike. Join them in unlocking the boundless possibilities of transformative gatherings as they curate extraordinary experiences tailored to your unique objectives.

In working with ICMSA, you are dealing with a very experienced company. Their meetings management portfolio extends well into the future, thus ensuring their stability and security within the industry - an important consideration when entering a long-term partnership with a PCO.

ICMSA provides complete management services and their expertise ensures that they can provide the most up-to-date advancements in conference management for either in-person, virtual or hybrid formats.

Their multidisciplinary team members are across the whole of the project and event roles meaning that during peak workflow periods, they are interchangeable with complementary skill sets.