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STESSA Conference 2018

International Attendees

Christchurch Hosts Successful STESSA ’18 Conference

  • 650 delegates
  • University of Canterbury’s (UC) Ilam campus, Christchurch

More than 150 attendees from 20 different countries attended the ninth international STESSA Conference on the Behaviour of Steel Structures in Seismic Areas.

This triennial conference, which was held from 17-19 February 2018, was organised by Steel Construction New Zealand Incorporated (SCNZ) in cooperation with the University of Canterbury, University of Auckland and the University of Naples.

Christchurch was the perfect location for the STESSA ’18 conference, providing a unique opportunity for delegates to visit a first world city that is a living example of the STESSA theme.

Delegates came to Christchurch to share and update their knowledge, with several keynote presentations focused on learnings from the performance of structures following the Canterbury earthquakes.

Conference co-chair, Professor Greg MacRae from the University of Canterbury, said the event had successfully showcased New Zealand’s designs and construction.

The research that was presented inspired practical discussions, enabled valuable information to be shared and facilitated the development of important connections amongst specialists; all of which will help us as we seek to make better seismic systems made of steel in New Zealand.

Professor Greg MacRae, University of Canterbury

MacRae said the great interest of the local experts and international attendees showed STESSA was an important forum for the exchange of scientific and practical information with view to steel structures in earthquake protection.

“Seismic engineering will play an increasing role in the future, here and internationally. We are already excited about the fresh insights and latest technologies which will be presented and discussed at the next STESSA Conference in 2021.”

STESSA's main mission is to provide a platform for local and international engineering experts in seismic design and involved with steel and steel-concrete composite structures to discuss the latest international developments and findings in seismic engineering.

SCNZ is advancing the interests of New Zealand’s structural steel industry through technical expertise, advice on latest steel design trends and standards, creating networking opportunities as well as promotion and facilitating business excellence.