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Coffee Roasters in the CBD
Christchurch boasts a great number of unique roasters, many of whom call the CBD their home.
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Coffee Roasters in the CBD

It may be Finn’s that drink the most coffee per person in the world, but us New Zealanders must be pretty high on the list of truly appreciating that daily caffeine hit. When it comes to coffee, the taste buds of city dwellers seem to be getting more and more refined, so it’s no surprise that the number of independent coffee roasters is on the rise. Christchurch boasts a great number of unique roasters, many of whom call the CBD their home.

C4 Coffee Co

C4 Coffee Co are the quiet achievers of the country’s coffee roasting industry, sourcing and supplying coffee for over 20 years. The company operates out of a spacious warehouse, which plays host to their entire operations. Here you can watch it all happen from the comfort of your armchair while sipping on one of their brews. At home base, the team roasts a range of different blends, including the famous ‘Krank’. 278 Tuam Street

Coffee Embassy

In 2014 friends Andy Norman and David Pai turned their mutual desire to source the freshest coffee possible for their cafes and wholesale clients into reality. Focusing very much on the freshness, coffee here is bought around the harvest calendars of each origin. The cafe part of Coffee Embassy is an old mechanic’s workshop turned cool yet cozy espresso-bar. 107 Fitzgerald Avenue

The Sailor’s Son/The Anchorage

A sleek space that combines The Sailor’s Son roastery with The Anchorage cafe (along with a communal workspace) showcases some of the best the coffee industry has to offer within the city. Ed Tanner set up The Sailor’s Son with the idea that roasters should be invisible and the coffee should speak for itself, and it most definitely does. With top-of-the-range equipment and an ever-changing coffee menu combined with a unique style of roasting, this spot is a must visit for the serious coffee enthusiasts among us. 4 Walker Street

Underground Coffee Roasters

Starting off life in a Cashmere basement, Underground have grown to become one of the South Island’s more recognizable coffee brands. Raw, natural and with low-fi packaging, Underground are an understated coffee company with a big emphasis on the wholesale side of their business. They have an unconventional roasting method, air roasting the beans, resulting in strong, bold and punchy coffee that won’t fail to wake you up in the morning. An impressive brew-bar sits connected to the roastery, where you can sample all the goodness coming out of here. 190 Durham Street

Unknown Chapter

Unknown Chapter roasts on site to bring its patrons first class coffee in the heart of the city. The offerings here change throughout the year depending on harvest times of bean suppliers, with all the coffee specialty graded and traceable back to the farmer. The roasters experiment with each new coffee to try and highlight its special characteristics. The entire variety of brews can be enjoyed within the industrial space softened with a sea of hanging indoor plants. 254 Saint Asaph Street

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