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Monique Lau is on a mission to help women through providing easy-to-use period care products that use natural ingredients

But how do you go from full-time study to entrepreneur all in the same year?

Monique talks us through her journey and how she’s leveraged Christchurch’s community of innovators, advisors and incubators to make her idea a success.

Where did the idea from Endosoothe come from?

Through my personal experience with endometriosis, I realised that there was a huge lack of awareness and education around women's health and a subsequent lack of products available. I wanted to create something that would support women throughout their cycles with a range of thoughtfully crafted products as well as resources, education, and a strong online community.

Tell us about your entrepreneurship journey so far

My journey began after completing my degree in Chemical Formulation and realising that the products I had created had the potential to impact many people’s lives. I decided to turn my project into a business and completed several incubator programmes to learn everything I could and tap into a supportive network. The journey has had a lot of highs and lows, a lot of late nights but also huge wins and the impact that we are having makes it all worth it.

Were there any hurdles and how did you overcome them?

One significant hurdle has been launching as a solo founder while juggling university commitments, health issues, and building the business simultaneously. Overcoming this hurdle was possible through the tremendous support received from various organisations and individuals both within Christchurch and throughout New Zealand. 

Addressing the stigma surrounding menstrual health and advocating for education has posed another challenge. This has been overcome by surrounding myself with the right people and maintaining a focus on the broader cause.

Where to next? What is the ultimate goal for Endosoothe?

We have global ambition to be the go-to menstrual care brand for the world. We will provide support to women worldwide through thoughtfully crafted products, resources, education, and a strong online community. 

Only 21% of startups founders in NZ are woman – what would you say to woman who have an idea but don’t have the confidence or support to take it anywhere?

Set aside any preconceptions, ignore the doubters and dive in! The encouraging and supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Christchurch and across New Zealand is ready to embrace you. Build a network of supportive individuals, believe in your dreams, and pursue them with determination.

For more information on Endosoothe, visit their website