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Top 8 Ventures In HealthTech Challenge 2023 Named

The top 8 ventures hoping to transform the country’s health sector will be on show at the HealthTech Challenge 2023 Showcase and Award Evening next week at the Christchurch Arts Centre.

Finalist innovations include virtual reality based solution for Multiple Sclerosis rehabilitation, new age moon-boot, early warning system to detect patient deterioration and a fragrance based solution to improve memory.

HealthTech Challenge 2023 finalists

HealthTech Challenge 2023 top eight finalists

Also on display will be the other ventures that have taken part in the 2023 Challenge, showcasing their entrepreneurial ideas through a poster exhibition.

“This year's Challenge has inspired innovators to create new, disruptive solutions for the health sector with the potential for global impact. The Showcase will allow finalists to pitch their venture ideas to a wide audience and the other ventures involved in the Challenge to demonstrate their amazing concepts.” Vaughan Broderick, HealthTech Challenge 2023 Lead, says.

A total of 17 ventures were part of this 10-week Validator, aimed at helping individuals and teams with an idea, research or non-commercialised product or service to develop commercially feasible solutions for the health sector. The participants were able to access expert coaching and mentoring, start-up knowledge and resources, an introduction to Canterbury and New Zealand’s innovation ecosystem, cohort-based accelerated learning and support, and access to the University of Canterbury’s Centre for Entrepreneurship facilities.

The final evening will showcase the very best innovative, health and technology industry-focused solutions and will reveal the HealthTech Challenge 2023 award winners.

The Challenge is powered by ChristchurchNZ, delivered by the University of Canterbury’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, and supported by Smart Christchurch and The Health Technology Centre.


The top 8 ventures of the HealthTech Challenge 2023

Ceratec Health

Ceratec Health revolutionises diabetes prevention with BeteCheck - an innovative technology enabling a quick and simple risk assessment for Type 2 Diabetes from the comfort of your home. We aim to transform lives, one scan at a time.


The connection between fragrance and memory is well-known. Recent research has shown that frequent exposure to different scents while sleeping can help reverse memory loss and cognitive decline for Alzheimer's sufferers and even in healthy adults. We aim to improve memory and cognitive outcomes through automated fragrance enrichment during sleep.


Redefining preoperative care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) to improve the quality & control of wrist orthoses. Replacing multiple low-quality braces with a single, superior product allows practitioners to tailor non-invasive care to a patient’s needs, improving the accuracy of care and patient comfort while reducing costs for our healthcare system.


Complex chronic conditions affect more than 100 million people worldwide. HeartVis records vital signals, symptoms, lifestyle choices, and treatments to provide personalised health insights through a system of wearable devices and a mobile app. Users can view what works best for them and create a routine to self-manage their illness.

Keraglow Biotech NZ

Our company is producing special wound spray (Kerapro) for diabetic patients. It is having bioactive keratin as an active ingredient to heal the wounds faster. The keratin is extracted from waste chicken feathers. The project is converting waste into wealth and helping in cleaning the environment. In future more wound healing products such as wound cream and hydrogel will be added into the product line. It will also assist the elderly people in wound healing.


MedMonitr is a visual, early warning system that aims to detect patient deterioration and alert clinicians to ensure patients receive immediate medical intervention when necessary. MedMonitor is a non-contact solution utilising technologies to enable simultaneous monitoring of patients and minimal physical discomfort for patients.


Introducing RehabiGames, pioneering VR-based exercises for MS rehabilitation. We harness immersive technology to enhance physical, mental, and cognitive abilities in those with multiple sclerosis. Born from a PhD project, our goal is to make a profound impact on the lives of 2.8 million PwMS worldwide through engaging VR exercises.

Stride Boot

The Stride Boot is a wearable medical device worn on the lower leg and foot. It offers support and stability for users recovering from ankle and foot injuries or surgeries. With a user-centric, empathetic and sustainable design, it prioritizes comfort and usability, to empower users on their journey to recovery.