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Famous Rock Star??


Pariah - Famous Rock Star??

Pariah is possibly the first chance you've had to see a rockstar become an international sensation in front of your own eyes - and be a part of his journey...

Screen Canterbury sat down with Slavko Martinov, our very own award-winning local Film Producer to ask him questions about Pariah, a new web-series that had already been filmed when he was approached to produce it.

What was the first thing that caught your attention with Pariah?

Well, Owen and Pablo had already shot and assembled it when they came to me for advice, so in our first meeting I was just trying to understand why they wanted my help. As a Film Producer, I'm normally involved right from the start, so I really was a little confused about what they had, what they wanted and what format it was. To be honest I was losing interest until Owen took out his laptop, put his headphones on me and pressed play.

What did you think of what you saw in that first viewing?

It was the day before the lock down, so I wasn't really in the right headspace for a new idea. I remember laughing out loud as soon as it started though, which was unexpected. I also remember thinking how compelling Owen was on screen. I knew they had something pretty special from the first minute of what I was watching, but I was struggling to get my head around the unusual way it had come together.

How did you feel about being asked to help?

I mean, my first thoughts were that this idea was unpitchable, and I was trying to work out if this was a film or a TV series and where did we (producer Alex Reed) fit in. Normally I'd just say thanks, but no thanks, but because of what I had seen in their footage I knew we should help, as I could see the potential of what was being created.

So it's Owen playing Pariah, a potential rockstar in waiting?

No. That's the interesting thing about Pariah. He's real. He's like this other direction that Owen could have taken, and is now exploring. The beauty of the story is that it creates itself when the camera is rolling. I've never seen anything created like this before. There’s no script. Just pure improv: Pariah is real because he's becoming real within the narrative as it unfolds in real time. Alex and I are here to help guide Pariah to his next chapter, using the digital channels, storytelling direction, insight and connections we can offer.

Is this a Canterbury story?

It's a Canterbury story in a production sense – it’s based here and focuses on a local’s story - but it's also a classic kiwi story in it's continual understatement. New Zealanders will see themselves in Pariah and his underdog journey, but it's primarily a human story that has an audience forming with each twist and turn. I'm excited to help see Pariah reach whatever goals become apparent in each episode. And because locals can become involved in the storyline, I'd recommend sharing the series link with everyone - this is going to be a journey like no other.

Check out Pariah's episodes online.

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