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  1. Albatross Encounter

    Albatross Encounter

    Kaikoura has a greater variety of seabird species within a small area than anywhere along the New Zealand coastline. It is Kaikoura's proximity to the deep ocean canyon systems which is largely responsible for providing the abundant wildlife which has led to Kaikoura becoming a "must visit" destination. A large array of seabirds, including albatross (up to 10 species) petrels, shearwaters, prions and much more can be found within easy reach of our shores. The Albatross Encounter enables you to get up close to the seabirds, allowing for some fantastic photo opportunities. What sets this tour apart from other birdwatching tours by boat is the range of species sighted in a very short...
  2. Dolphin Encounter

    Dolphin Encounter

    Kaikoura is famous for marine mammals and birdlife and is regarded as the best place in New Zealand to view whales, albatross and to swim with dolphins. The Dolphin Encounter tour offers swimming with the dusky dolphins but if swimming is not for you, watching from the comfort of the boat is equally as special an experience. Tours operate three times a day in the summer months at 5.30am, 8.30am and 12.30pm and two times a day in the winter months at 8.30am and 12.30pm. Swimmers are provided with a full wetsuit, snorkel, mask and fins and only need to bring their own swimsuit, towel and small gear bag for their clothing, to take on the boat with them. Previous snorkelling experience is...
  3. Driftwood Eco Tours, D'Urville Island 5 Day Guided Tour

    Driftwood Eco Tours, D'Urville Island 5 Day Guided Tour

    D'Urville, remains one of New Zealand’s most intriguing and remote corners, with a rich history, remarkable conservation efforts, stunning scenery and brilliant local characters. The Island was New Zealand's best known site for the production of argillite tools, thanks to the mineral belt running through its middle. Rangitoto Ki Te Tonga has a number of smaller off shore islands, some of which are under conservation protection for their unique wildlife such as Kuru Pongi (Trio Islands) with its endemic king shag. A large proportion of the island is native forest, under the protection of the Department of Conservation, with the balance in striking steep farmland. Its the people who live...
  4. Driftwood Eco-Tours, 5 Day Tour Kaikoura

    Driftwood Eco-Tours, 5 Day Tour Kaikoura

    Where the Seaward Kaikōura Range meets the Kaikoura Canyon, is an area steeped in heritage. This tour will introduce you to the area’s kaitiaki. Highlights include: Meeting Rebekah and David Kelly of Woodchester farm, who will share their experience of the 2016 earthquake, which caused a slip to block the Leader River, forming Lake Rebekah. Visiting Ferniehurst Farm where you can take a ‘selfie’ at the foot of a 120 year old Eucalyptus. Visiting historic musterer’s huts and take in views over Muzzle and Molesworth Station. Your guides will share intriguing stories of the early settlers. Scenic helicopter flight. Private boat charter to view the Hutton's Shearwaters and visiting 3 Queen...
  5. GCH Aviation Helicopter Experiences - Kaikoura

    GCH Aviation Helicopter Experiences - Kaikoura

    Put yourself in the ultimate vantage point and explore Kaikoura and its many natural wonders by Helicopter. See an entire Whale from head to tail as we fly slow orbits above. Be amazed by large pods of Dolphins playing in the water. Explore the unique and rugged Kaikoura Coastline and fly through the towering peaks of the Kaikoura Seaward Ranges. Discover your sense of adventure by experiencing a heli-ATV adventure or a picnic at altitude. Incentive Groups and Corporate Travel -Reward employees, clients or business partners with the ultimate business trip. Itinerary planning assistance to help with budgeting for your unique experience. Weddings and Proposals - Let us take your special...
  6. Kaikōura Helicopters - Scenic Flights

    Kaikōura Helicopters - Scenic Flights

    Kaikōura Helicopters Scenic Flights options have something for everyone. From whale watching to mountain top seasonal snow landings. To heli rafting the local Grade 5 River. Enjoy mountain top views whilst tasting your platter of local cuisine whilst washing it down with the locally brewed beverages. Get the adrenaline pumping with our ATV adventure tour. Explore off road terrain in the foothills above the Kaikoura Coastline. Why not try your hand at the controls of a helicopter with our YouFly trial flight. Start or end the day with the stunning back drop on our Sunrise/Sunset flight. Grab that perfect photo or maybe get down on one knee. Why not talk to us direct to tailor up your...
  7. Kaikōura Helicopters - Whale Watching

    Kaikōura Helicopters - Whale Watching

    Kaikoura Helicopters will put you in the ultimate vantage point to see an entire Whale from head to tail as we fly slow orbits above. These magnificent mammals congregate in these waters and unique feeding grounds of the 3 kilometre Kaikoura Canyon that runs against the Kaikoura coastline. A variety of whales may be seen throughout the year ranging from, sperm, humpback, blue and southern right whale. Choose from one of our 4 brochure Kaikoura Helicopters Whale Watching flights or talk to us about tailoring a unique private charter to suit your budget. Kaikoura Helicopters is a division of GCH Aviation. Qualmark Gold. Kaikoura Helicopters are approved Department of Conservation...
  8. Kaikōura Helicopters Classic Whale Watch

    Kaikōura Helicopters Classic Whale Watch

    Tour departs from our beach front heli-pads and within minutes be in the Hikurangi Marine Reserve that plays host to one of the worlds largest marine mammals, the magnificent sperm whale. From the comfort of our helicopter, you will enjoy the ultimate whale watching experience. Panoramic views of the Kaikoura Peninsula. See the seal colonies along the rocks at the end of Kaikoura Peninsula. If the whales are close to shore, possibility of seeing dolphins as well. Possibility of seeing baleen whales migrating through - humpbacks on their way back and forth from their feeding grounds down near Antarctica.
  9. Kaikōura Helicopters Extended Whale Watch

    Kaikōura Helicopters Extended Whale Watch

    The extended option of our Classic Whale Watch, this flight gives you more time above Kaikoura’s unique deep-sea canyon searching for whales and other migrating marine life. The longer flight time allows us to search further offshore in the deeper waters, not only for the sperm whales but also for any migrating baleen whales such as the humpback, blue and fin whales as they travel between their feeding grounds in Antarctica and the warm waters of the South Pacific. On the way back to the beachfront heli pads keep an eye out for pods of our resident playful dusky dolphins, New Zealand fur seals basking along the rocks and the small hector dolphins swimming along the coastline.
  10. Kaikoura Helicopters Mt Fyffe Summit

    Kaikoura Helicopters Mt Fyffe Summit

    Lifting off from our beachfront helipads, your flight will take you up the Puhi Puhi Valley north of Kaikoura over private farmland and into remote DOC land. Fly through the Hapuku Gorge, past giant cracks in the hillsides and look down at the landslide that blocked off the river forming the Hapuku “Quake Lake”. Continue climbing to the South before touching down atop Mt Fyffe at 1602m/ 5200ft overlooking the spectacular Kaikoura region for great panoramic photo opportunities. Includes a snow landing during winter. Keep an eye out for wild deer and chamois traversing the mountainside as we fly down the face of Mt Fyffe before landing back in Kaikoura township. Approx 45 min trip....
  11. Kaikōura Helicopters Sunrise / Sunset Flights

    Kaikōura Helicopters Sunrise / Sunset Flights

    What better way to greet or end the day, than by flying to a high alpine area to shut down and immerse yourself in the stunning Kaikōura region. Share a beverage with a loved one or set up your camera to capture that stunning photo. Sunrise: Fly from Kaikōura to land at a remote alpine location to watch the sun rise over the Pacific Ocean and light up the Kaikōura township and surrounding valleys. Sunset: Fly from Kaikōura to land high up in the mountains to watch the sun set out behind the Kaikōura Mountain ranges. Operates May to September - call us direct to enquire about options during summer months of Daylight savings.
  12. Kaikōura Helicopters Top n Tail Whale Watching

    Kaikōura Helicopters Top n Tail Whale Watching

    From whale tail to mountain top, this flight has it all covered. Taking off from our central beachfront helipads, within minutes you will be viewing the mighty sperm whales from the comfort of your helicopter. After viewing the magnificent marine life, you will fly high above Kaikoura and land amongst the towering Kaikoura Seaward Ranges, where you will take in some of the most breathtaking views that New Zealand has to offer. Seasonal snow landing. Views to the west of the Seaward Kaikoura Range, to the east Kaikoura flats and the iconic Kaikoura Peninsula stretching out like a whale's fluke. See the different colours of water along the coastline where the fresh, silty water comes out...
  13. Kaikoura Kayaks

    Kaikoura Kayaks

    Welcome to our magic little seaside village where the wildlife out numbers the humans and mountains meet the sea. The curious NZ fur seals are only a few paddle strokes away and our local guides would love to introduce you to them around the Kaikoura Peninsula. Watch seals dive and manoeuvre around your kayak, paddle with them as they swim around the Peninsula hunting for octopus. Continue your journey around the coastline for chance encounters with dusky dolphins and blue penguins. Paddle a crowd-free coastline with experienced qualified local guides, top kayaking equipment and an ocean teaming with marine life. Join our team on a real sea kayak tour that is enjoyable, interactive...
  14. Kaikōura Whale Watching & Heli Gourmet Experience

    Kaikōura Whale Watching & Heli Gourmet Experience

    Lifting off from our beachfront helipads you will view Hikurangi Marine reserve in search of the incredible wildlife in our waters. Kaikoura is not only home to the magnificent sperm whale, but is also a migratory route for a variety of different whale and dolphin species such as the humpback whale, blue whale, southern right whale and orca, so we never know from flight to flight when we might spot something different. Perched up on the beautiful hills of Glencree Estate, a gourmet two course meal of fresh produce harvested on farm and from local suppliers. Enjoy your meal in private serenity whilst viewing wild game roaming - red stag, elk & fellow deer.
  15. South Pacific Helicopters

    South Pacific Helicopters

    We are the only owner operator in Kaikōura and you get to fly with him. Our goal is to share the beauty of Kaikōura, as well as the local our local residents, whales, dolphins & deals, which makes this place the best in the world for marine wildlife encounters. With every tour we convey our passion for this beautiful place and offer exceptional customer service to provide one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experiences. From Whale watching by air, Mountain landings, Marine biologist, Heli-rafting, Heli-picnic, Heli-hunting, Heli-weddings, and the most amazing luxury experience Matai Peak.
  16. South Pacific Helicopters - Heli Gin - Meet Mt Fyffe Distillery

    South Pacific Helicopters - Heli Gin - Meet Mt Fyffe Distillery

    Relax & enjoy a scenic flight while Daniel, our chief pilot and CEO, will educate you on the surroundings and land you on Mt Fyffe. Here you can inhale the fresh mountain air and meet New Zealand's newest gin maker, Justine Schroder, owner of Mt Fyffe Distillery. Justine will pour her premium gin and tell you the story as to how the award-winning gin was launched. Mt Fyffe Distillery is a small boutique distillery set on the foothills of Mt Fyffe, Kaikōura. Using botanics sourced from around their family farm and the local environment, led Justine to create two distinct blends of small batch artisan London dry gin; Woolshed Gin & Shearwater Gin. This package also includes a complimentary...
  17. South Pacific Helicopters - Heli Hunting

    South Pacific Helicopters - Heli Hunting

    The Kaikōura region offers premier high-country alpine hunting for red deer, chamois, wild pigs and goats. Utilising South Pacific Helicopters EC130 we are able to take up to 6 hunters. Drop off and pick ups are available from a variety of different locations. We recommend that each party carries a personal locator beacon (PLB) or a Garmin in reach. Unsure of where to go? Our pilots have extensive local knowledge and flying experience providing safe access to remote wilderness areas. We are more than happy to advise you on the best hunting locations during each season and can recommend experienced local guides with confidence.
  18. South Pacific Helicopters - Heli Rafting

    South Pacific Helicopters - Heli Rafting

    This half day heli-rafting tour starts at our helipads in Kaikōura then heads deep into the Clarence river reserve where you will get to experience parts of the Clarence river seldom explored. After weaving your way through the mountains the helicopter will then make a landing beside the river bed where you will meet your raft guides, who will guide you through the next part of your adventure. Following natures own highway, the rafting trip promises picturesque and ever changing scenery as you float on down through the gaping valleys of the reserve. Along the way you will get to experience gentle but fun grade 2 rapids, making it a perfect adventure for any family or group of friends of all...
  19. South Pacific Helicopters - Heli Weddings

    South Pacific Helicopters - Heli Weddings

    The sky is the limit. Based in Kaikōura we are available for charter all over the Canterbury region, all year round. Our modern fleet consists of a 4 seater Airbus H120 and a 6 seater Airbus H130 which allows us to cater for groups large & small. We can guarantee a unique and memorable experience every time.