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PowerUp Your Purpose

PowerUp Your Purpose

Want a career with purpose? A role that allows personal and professional growth? You can have that here in Ōtautahi Christchurch.

A career that gets you out of bed in the morning is a gamechanger. And Christchurch is not short on smart companies that use technology, science, engineering and research to help solve some of the world’s trickiest problems.

There’s a place for YOU right here in Ōtautahi to use your existing skills and knowledge and grow your capabilities in our purpose-driven business community.

A Career That’s Growing Places

Many jobs of the near future don’t even exist yet, so when thinking about your next role or field to study consider a sector which has growth potential. ChristchurchNZ’s economists have identified four sectors with high growth opportunity:

  • Aerospace and future transport
  • Food, fibre and agritech
  • HealthTech
  • Tech services

Get amongst PowerUp to see some of the high value, rewarding roles available in these sectors.

Global Problems, Local Solutions

Looming headlines remind us constantly of global problems – climate change, population growth and scarcity of natural resources are all problems that seem too big to solve. Christchurch is full of innovators and collaborators focused on ways to make change and build solutions that are practical, scalable and good for the planet.

Innovation And Inspiration

Innovative Christchurch-based businesses are tackling some of the biggest problems of now and tomorrow.

Problem: How transport can be cleaner, greener and more efficient
Business: Fabrum have worked with some of the biggest brands in transport, space and tech to use engineering to become more sustainable and they’re currently deep in R&D on green hydrogen.

Problem: Moving to more sustainable energy sources
Business: Dawn Aerospace are developing high-performance green in-space propulsion as an alternative to the expensive, toxic chemical propulsion that has been used on satellites since their inception. Their vehicles are also reusable and come back ie; no space junk.

Problem: Efficiently accessing critical minerals underground for tech like batteries and mobile phones
Business: Seequent designs software to assist the earth science community to access minerals with the smallest possible imprint on the environment.

Problem: A growing population which will have increased demand on our health services
Business: Enztec are pioneering the design of quality hip, knee and spine instruments delivered efficiently and with customer at the heart of the design. 

Problem: Mental health is taking a huge toll on our youth, how do we create access to treatment?
Business: oVRcome are using technology to help people overcome their social anxiety or phobia using virtual reality technology.

Problem: Growing enough food to provide support for a growing population
Business: Leaft Foods are reducing the environmental impact of food production. Their tech is extracting plant protein that is highly digestible for humans and has a lower carbon footprint per hectare than other proteins.

Get More Inspiration

Making connections and talking to others in the sector or role you are interested in is the best way to get started. Below are just some of the industry or sector groups that are always happy to share knowledge and welcome new people

Aerospace and Future Transport

Food, Fibre and Agritech

  • B.linc - an industry connector b.linc offer networking and learning events alongside co-working for those in the food and fibre sector.  space


Tech Services

  • Canterbury Tech voice and connector of local tech companies and a wide network of members from across Canterbury
  • TechWomen - a national network of women across tech, digital and ICT with an aim to increase the number of women working in the sector
  • Christchurch Women in Tech - locally based group meeting regularly with networking and learning opportunities.