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Driftwood Eco-Tours, 5 Day Tour Kaikoura

Where the Seaward Kaikōura Range meets the Kaikoura Canyon, is an area steeped in heritage. This tour will introduce you to the area’s kaitiaki.

Highlights include: Meeting Rebekah and David Kelly of Woodchester farm, who will share their experience of the 2016 earthquake, which caused a slip to block the Leader River, forming Lake Rebekah. Visiting Ferniehurst Farm where you can take a ‘selfie’ at the foot of a 120 year old Eucalyptus. Visiting historic musterer’s huts and take in views over Muzzle and Molesworth Station. Your guides will share intriguing stories of the early settlers. Scenic helicopter flight. Private boat charter to view the Hutton's Shearwaters and visiting 3 Queen Elizabeth Trust conservation areas.

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