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Top Reasons

Why Film Here?

Canterbury is one of a few international destinations where you can film the ocean and the mountains (Southern Alps) on the same day. Providing ease of access to the most diverse landscapes in the country within an hour’s reach from an international airport and New Zealand’s newest and second largest commercial centre.

Top Reasons

The city has achieved international acclaim for its creative and clever urban design, evidenced by inspiring street art, new architecture, and a range of new retail, hospitality, innovation, arts and entertainment precincts. ​

Within an hour from the city, productions can be filmed at a sea port, wheat fields, alpine environments, on braided rivers, surf breaks, rolling hills, farm plains, lakes, geographic rock, historic buildings, English gardens, sleepy little town centres, sheltered bays and so much more.

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Petrina D’Rozario
Petrina D’Rozario
Screen CanterburyNZ Manager
Screen CanterburyNZ Helen Castelow
Helen Castelow
Screen Facilitator