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Connecting The Canterbury Economy With Antarctica

Connecting The Canterbury Economy With Antarctica

Christchurch Antarctic Network

Since 1901 when Captain Robert Falcon Scott chose Christchurch as the base for his Discovery Expedition, Christchurch businesses have had a long and proud history of supplying goods and services to Antarctic expeditions. Scott recorded in his diary:

“It is most difficult to speak in fitting terms of the kindness shown to us in New Zealand...On every side we were accorded the most generous terms by the firms or individuals with whom we had to deal with in business matters”.

The Christchurch Antarctic Network provides a unique platform for Christchurch businesses to tell their Antarctic stories of product and service delivery and business innovation to International Antarctic Programmes.

The Network and Directory provides a city-driven rallying point within the Antarctic business sector to raise their profile and create new business opportunities for Christchurch’s Antarctic and Extreme Environment business experts.


Christchurch's Antarctic Economy

Annually the Antarctic sector contributes NZ $262m to the Christchurch & Canterbury economy and continues to thrive as existing bases are redeveloped and Antarctic science becomes critical to the planet’s future.

Christchurch’s Antarctic Gateway Strategy identified the opportunity to raise the profile of Christchurch businesses with Antarctic expertise and facilitate engagement between these businesses and National Antarctic Programmes.

The Christchurch Antarctic Office is the city’s official hub for connecting opportunities that arise from Christchurch’s unique status as an Antarctic Gateway city.

The Christchurch Antarctic Network

  • Creates a network of Antarctic businesses that strengthens Christchurch’s positioning as a premier Antarctic Gateway City.
  • Showcases Christchurch businesses with Antarctic and Extreme Environment expertise to a global market.
  • Provides a unique visual identity for Antarctic businesses to use to highlight their Antarctic connection.
  • Provides an online Directory of Christchurch Antarctic Products and Services.
  • Provides regular networking opportunities to educate and inform the business sector on Antarctic issues and opportunities.
  • Facilitates collaboration between members of the Network.
  • Provides a unique range of merchandise accessible only to Network members.

Key Contacts

The Christchurch Antarctic Office Team

If you have an enquiry about the Christchurch Antarctic Office, please get in touch.

David Tayler
Head of Christchurch Antarctic Office
Lizzie Dryden
Antarctic Relationship and Events Manager