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Green Technologies To Support A Zero-Emission Future

Fabrum is a Christchurch company with a clear mission to precision engineer better outcomes through technological excellence, whilst leaving the lightest footprint possible.

Managing Director Christopher Boyle says hydrogen-fuelled transport will be a key indicator of success in that mission, and Christchurch provides the perfect place to achieve it.

In a nutshell, tell us the story of Fabrum

We’re a Christchurch-based business developing green technologies to support a zero-emission future for mobility, whether that be aviation, road transportation, marine activities, or even motorsport.

What makes Christchurch the ideal place to locate your business?

Fabrum was founded in Christchurch for specific reasons. We wanted to leverage the high-tech manufacturing technology that is a strength here in Canterbury, we wanted to engage with University of Canterbury’s highly skilled engineering technology, as well as Ara / Te Pūkenga. And of course, Christchurch has proven for years that it's got an environment that can develop technology that leads the world.

One of the standout features of working in Christchurch and Canterbury is the diverse capability of manufacturing and technology skills. We rely on an ecosystem of like-minded industry that can support us in developing technologies, and take them to the world.

Fabrum’s strengths are local, but it sounds like your goals are global?

Fabrum was founded on the basis of delivering technology globally, to deliver a sustainable future. Using hydrogen as a green energy source, enables us to provide a solution that is zero emission.

Our sole focus is to deliver technologies that enable the globe to tread lightly. Everything we do is about reducing emissions. We know that by 2032 we will have impacted the world by a reduction of 13 and a half million tons of co2 emissions per year.

What applications are there for the use of hydrogen in transportation?  

Motorsport is one example where Fabrum can help prove that you can replace petroleum-based fuels with cleaner choices. Successfully deploying hydrogen as a fuel into the high end of motorsport or other sectors such as aerospace, marine or heavy transport are all proving that we can develop green technologies for future mobility for the planet.

What’s next for Fabrum?

Fabrum are leading the hydrogen revolution in aviation. We’re part of the Hydrogen Consortium of companies that also includes Christchurch Airport and Air New Zealand. It’s six international businesses coming together to bring zero-emission aviation to life in New Zealand. The consortium pulls together some of world’s best experts in green hydrogen – having these organisations around the same table will turbocharge what we all learn. Together we’ll make a big difference in taking zero emission aviation forward which is good news to anyone who wants to fly sustainably in the future.