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Rodin Cars

Pushing New Boundaries

After years perfecting the design of an ultimate single-seat track car, the Rodin FZERO, Rodin Cars was officially established with a full-time engineering workforce near Canterbury’s Mt Lyford ski resort in 2016.

CNC Machinist at Rodin Cars, Michael Gartrell says Rodin represents the lifelong vision of founder David Dicker and continues to push new boundaries in the creation of the ultimate track car.

What’s the ultimate goal of Rodin?

When David started, the main goal was to see what could be achieved without the restrictions of Formula 1 regulations. The goal was to build the ultimate single seat track car with no limits, which has been realised in the Rodin FZERO.

What does success look like for Rodin in the automotive world?

Our motto is being an innovator of excellence on the global automotive stage, and we’ll achieve that through using the best technology that's available to us, and continually looking to innovate and improve. David approaches things very differently to most and doesn’t let a few setbacks slow him down.

What’s special about the FZERO?

The Rodin FZERO is powered by a purpose built, mid-mounted, 4.0-litre hybrid V10 turbo petrol engine and has been developed “without the limitations of road and racing regulations”. The Rodin FZERO is designed to reach top speeds of 360 kph.

Rodin is located near Mount Lyford Village – nearly two hours north of Christchurch. Does that represent a challenge, or an advantage?

We’re still on a main road, so getting machines delivered is not an issue. We believe our unique location adds to the experience if the Rodin Cars brand – not many other world class vehicle manufactures get to enjoy open green spaces, with picturesque mountain views.

It is a commitment from staff to work out here, but the drive is spectacular and the local area very friendly and peaceful. When we advertise job vacancies, we ask “who wants to come and live in the mountains and build race cars?” It’s an awesome opportunity to live and work out here.

How has the Christchurch innovation ecosystem assisted with your growth?

Many of our engineering graduates come from University of Canterbury, which continues to produce engineers of a high calibre. Rodin looks to local suppliers first and foremost, as often smaller niche suppliers can offer the precise results we need.

We have a close working relationship with Link Engine Management, who are a global leader in motorsport electronics and performance technology, grown out of Christchurch. LINK have been instrumental in the development of our naturally aspirated V10 engine.