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Racing Data Into Consumer Friendly Insights

When Christchurch-based business MyRaceLab noticed a major gap in the market for motorsport drivers and teams, they set about creating a tool that could turn valuable racing data into consumer-friendly insights.

General Manager (Marketing) Andrew Pankhurst says MyRaceLab is working to simplify the numbers and technical data, and provide people with clear information for a better driving experience.

Why is data so important in motorsport?

In Motorsport, every detail matters from driver techniques, engine builds to modifications and testing. And drivers at every level are looking for constant improvements to see where they can get that perfect lap. That was the inspiration for MyRaceLab – we really wanted to develop a platform that would bring elite race team technology into every driver’s hands.

So what does MyRaceLab do?

MyRaceLab helps drivers make sense of complex engine and telemetry data and helps them get better day after day, lap after lap.

The data available to most drivers is number-heavy, graph-centric and extremely technical, which makes racing insights inaccessible to those without an extensive background in professional racing or motorsport mechanics. So we wanted to build a platform that really brought that to life in a simple way and give insights that people can act on.

What does success look like for this business?

Success for us is drivers at all sorts of levels across many disciplines using our technology to get better throughout their entire careers. Elite drivers have access to this technology, but we wanted to bring it down to everyone from those starting out through to serious race drivers who want to get better.

How does the Christchurch innovation ecosystem support your growth?

It has a great technology sector that we're part of. We regularly collaborate with a range of Christchurch and Canterbury businesses, including Rodin Cars, Kelford Cams and Link Engine Management. We'll have their engineers in our offices working on joint projects together, we'll go to trade shows together. There's a lot of activity we're combining on to compete on the global scale.

Does this product just apply to motorsport, or can it be applied to other areas?

The initial platform applies to motorsports, but the core technology is about driver and vehicle geospatial data, and it can be applied to any sort of environment – emissions reduction or fleet management for example.