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Top Bakeries in Christchurch

Explore the Best Bakeries in Christchurch

A good bakery makes life that much sweeter, whether you’re in need of a sugar boost or a quick savoury treat. We get it, it’s hard to find a bakery that cuts the cake – so here’s our top picks of Christchurch’s most indulgent bakeries.

Bohemian Bakery

The smell of freshly baked bread wafting from Bohemian Bakery is enough to make your mouth water! Even though the bakery is small, the range of baked goods displayed on the shelves is extensive: traditional Bohemian sourdough bread and other delicacies, croissants or Danish – everything your heart desires. A delicious treat for a weekend brunch with friends!

Copenhagen Bakery

The team at Copenhagen Bakery know what’s up – they’ve been in the baking business for decades! Specialising in Danish bread and pastries, they’re known to serve up delicious sweet treats and gourmet pies. The fruit tart made from vanilla bean custard cream is a dream!

Bakermans of Fendalton

Chicken croquettes, meat balls, and fruit tarts are the go-to at Bakermans! Don’t miss out on the tasty European treats they have in store, from Kiwi classics to Dutch apple pie – there’s something for everyone! Even for the picky ones.

Glamour Cake

Ever had a jelly-tip ice cream, but in a cheesecake? How about Snickers Pods in donut form? Glamour Cake makes the impossible, possible, featuring the most colourful and out-there creations that has lines of people flowing out the door. Who can resist a cheeky slice of chocolate chip cookie dough mud cake!

Vic's Bakehouse

The magic time at Vic’s Bakehouse is 10am, when the croissants are ready to come out of the oven. Not only are they delicious, the bagels, ciabatta, focaccia and wholegrain breads are totally worth it. Get there early to witness the magic – and before it all gets snatched up!

Japanz Bakery

Get ready for a slice of Japan! Take your pick from their cabinet full of irresistible Japanese inspired baked goods, from green tea cream cornets to custard donuts – everything is beautifully wrapped in the cutest packaging. You can find them in South City Mall, get amongst it!

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