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The Best Hot Cross Buns In Christchurch

The Hottest Of Cross Buns

Hot cross bun season is upon us!

These little pockets of yum have become a staple on kitchen tables across Aotearoa during the Easter months.

So where can the best ones be found? We take a look at the most popular buns across Ōtautahi.

Copenhagen Bakery

Copenhagen Bakery

Copenhagen Bakery hot cross buns have a proven track record with the locals. What’s the secret? Think decadence - with spicy, zesty, and fruity hints and a melted choccy explosion all wrapped up in a sourdough bun.

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Michael With Hot Cross Buns

Michael's Bakery

Offering some of the best hot cross buns in the country, their buns are always in high demand, fresh from their Hillmorton kitchen. It’s first come first served in the lead up to Easter, so get down to Coppell Place in Hoon Hay for some of the city’s best.

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Rangiora Bakery Hot Cross Buns

Artisan By Rangiora Bakery

Okay, so not technically Christchurch but Artisan by Rangiora Bakery is officially home to some of the best hot cross buns in Aotearoa. These delicacies fly off the shelf, so get in quick. Combining Seville orange, ceylon spices and a star anise, cinnamon and clove glaze, these buns are the bees knees. Hop along to Artisan in Rangiora to get your hands on these winning buns.

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Grizzly Baked Goods Hot Cross Buns

Grizzly Baked Goods

These guys are all about aesthetic, from green walls to the hand-painted signage. Their hot cross buns are just the same, with quality ingredients and unparalleled service. From a service window on Buchan Street and a cafe at The Welder and now on Cashel Street, baked goods of all sorts are slung to happy customers. You can also pull up a seat at their cafe at The Welder to enjoy your hot cross bun.

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Jerry And George

Jerry & George Artisan Bakers

You've asked, and we've included! Jerry & George Artisan Bakers are a family owned and operated bakery, specialising in a large range of sourdough breads and pastries. Their hot cross buns are handmade with love, containing generous amounts of fruit, sourdough leaven, spice, and delightful bursts of peel. You can buy their delicious buns at the Rangiora Welcome Market, Ohoka Farmers Market, The Colombo Mall (on Fridays), New Brighton Seaside Market and Mt Pleasant Farmers Market.

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Your favourite not on the list? Be sure to let us know.