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Credit: Shipleys Audiovisual

Shipleys is a family-owned company that has been providing solutions for the development and integration of technology in events and workplaces across New Zealand since 1926.

Their Audiovisual Department specialises in corporate event services, and their Production Department provides complete videography and streaming services for a range of event types.

If you are a business looking to better connect and collaborate with your team or your clients, Shipleys’ Systems Department provides world-class technology integration and design.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Having been a key provider for production services and live streaming for several decades, Shipleys understand how to run a successful and engaging online event.

Shipleys can assist you in communicating your message seamlessly – ensuring that audio levels are controlled, presenter content is organised and displayed correctly, and your presentation appears professional and is engaging.

Hybrid conferencing is the combination of people attending and presenting in person at the event and people presenting and viewing online. Hybrid Conferencing lets you involve anyone in your event at a minimal cost to you, expanding your content and helping you reduce your carbon footprint.

If a conference is all virtual, viewers and presenters can be at home behind their laptops yet be brought into Shipleys’ virtual studio. From there, their team can overlay graphics, conduct polling, Q&A, and run an interactive webinar that appears professional and engaging for everyone. 

Corporate Event Services

With innovative technology and industry-leading expertise, there is no limit to what Shipleys can do to help your brand make its mark. No matter the size or scale of your event, their experienced team will work closely with you on all aspects, from your choice of venue and design to lighting, audio and multimedia.

Production & Live Streaming

Utilising industry-standard, broadcast-quality camera equipment, Shipleys have the technology to help you connect with a broader audience, right when it matters most.

Whether it’s a conference, product launch, gala dinner or sporting event, their professional team has the experience to capture all the highlights of your event in the most compelling way.

System Integration

Shipleys can integrate technology into your workplace to create the most productive environment possible. They help you plan and implement a high-tech solution to meet the needs of your business and repair existing products or systems while ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Shipleys operates across a range of sectors providing installation and integration for businesses in the corporate, education, government, theatre, hospitality, religious and events venues, and accommodation spheres.

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