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Tanya McCall

Tanya McCall is a leader at Te Whatu Ora National Public Health Service and chair of Tangata Atumotu Trust. With a focus on Pasifika community wellbeing, Tanya contributes importantly to social services, resilient communities and has led the way in developing a health in all policies approach within the public health sector.

She has a strong interest in public health, and her work with Te Mana Ora covers a wide range of public health issues in the Te Waipounamu South Island region, including a leading approach to health in all policies communicable disease, alcohol related harm and tobacco control.

She is the current Chair of Tangata Atumotu Trust, a not-for-profit Pasifika health and social services provider based in Canterbury and has held various other governance roles. Prior to her work in public health, McCall was a solicitor in Christchurch.

In addition to her current management role, Tanya contracts to Health Legal, the legal arm of Ministry of Health in New Zealand. She is also a member of the selection panel for Rhodes Scholarship applications. Her experience across the health sector makes her a highly knowledgeable leader in this space and a valuable asset to not only the Pasifika community here in Christchurch, but many communities across the whole of Aotearoa.

McCall is of Samoan (Siusega)/ Cook Islands (Aitutaki) descent and is a public health consultant to the Ministry of Health in the Cook Islands.

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