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Why Ōtautahi For Your Next Sustainable Event

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Why Ōtautahi Is The Place To Plan Your Next Sustainable Event

Planning a purposeful and sustainable event is an important step towards minimising our ecological footprint and promoting a greener future.

If you're looking for a destination that aligns with your sustainable values, Ōtautahi (Christchurch), New Zealand, should be at the top of your list. Known for its commitment to sustainability, this vibrant city offers a range of eco-friendly venues, initiatives, and a supportive community dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment.

Following the devastating earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, Ōtautahi underwent a remarkable transformation. The city's rebuild was guided by purpose and principles of sustainability, resilience, and innovation. With a focus on energy efficiency, green spaces, and environmentally conscious design, Ōtautahi has become a leading example of a sustainable urban environment.

From global tradeshows to corporate celebrations, when planning a sustainable event, choosing the right venue is crucial. In Ōtautahi, you'll find an impressive selection of eco-friendly venues that have integrated sustainable practices into their operations and become accredited by reputable groups such as New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC), Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), Toitū Envirocare, Environmental Choice New Zealand (ECNZ) and The Zero Carbon Act.

Find venues with heart, soul and sustainability at their core. From purpose-built sustainable event spaces to existing venues that have adopted green initiatives, you'll have no shortage of options to choose from. These venues often prioritise energy efficiency, waste reduction, and sustainable catering options, ensuring your event has a minimal environmental impact.

Ōtautahi offers a range of accommodation options for event attendees. Whether it's eco-friendly hotels, lodges, or bed and breakfasts, you can find establishments that prioritise environmental sustainability giving your guests a chance to experience responsible hospitality.

Promoting sustainable transportation is a priority in Ōtautahi. A short distance from City to Beach means that attendees can enjoy the best of both worlds while they are here. The city boasts an extensive public transportation system, including buses and electric trams, making it easy for event attendees to navigate the city. Electric scooter and electric vehicle use is common practice. Everything you need is a quick stroll or pedal away and Ōtautahi has an excellent cycling infrastructure, with dedicated bike lanes and a bike-sharing program, encouraging visitors to explore the city on two wheels.

Ōtautahi is home to a vibrant community of sustainability-focused organisations and initiatives. From community gardens, community food pantries for sharing of kai (food), and urban farming projects to waste reduction campaigns and renewable energy programs, the city actively promotes and supports sustainable practices.

Ōtautahi, with its urban contemporary design, eco-friendly venues, and supportive community initiatives, stands out as an ideal destination to plan your next sustainable event. By choosing this vibrant city, you'll not only create a memorable experience for your attendees but also contribute to the global effort towards a greener future.