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Event Carbon Footprint

What Contributes To Your Event’s Carbon Footprint?

Knowing is the first step to minimising your impact on the environment. 


This includes travel to and from the event for delegates, organisers, vendors, and equipment. This can be by air, car, train, or public transport. It's important to consider commuting emissions generated by delegates traveling between their accommodation and the event as well as their emissions from their home (NZ or International) into Christchurch.

Waste Generation

The amount of waste generated from the event, including food, packaging, and materials.

Food And Catering

The sourcing and transportation of food items.


The carbon emissions of hotels or other lodging for event attendees.

Venue Operations

The maintenance, heating, and cooling of the event venue also contribute to its carbon footprint.

Efforts to educate attendees about sustainability and encourage environmentally friendly behaviour at the event can help reduce its carbon footprint”.

Event Materials

The production and transportation of materials needed for the event such as banners, signage, and promotional items.

Event Technology

The use and disposal of electronic equipment such as lights, sound systems, and digital devices- hire these items from the venue or locally.

Particular Activities

Some events might include specific activities that produce emissions, such as fireworks or live performances, which contribute to the overall carbon footprint.

Water Consumption

Water usage during an event, including for drinking, cleaning, and restrooms, can contribute to the event's ecological impact. Water management and wastewater treatment also factor into the event's environmental footprint.

Post-Event Cleanup And Restoration

The resources used to clean up after the event and restore the venue and surrounding area will also impact the event's carbon footprint.

Education And Communication

The choice of communication channels (print or digital) and their impact on the carbon footprint should be taken into account.