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Looking for inspiration? Use our story library to find up-to-date articles and interesting backgrounders about Christchurch and the wider Canterbury region. To access images, organise interviews or for any other media enquiries please contact us.

  • The best farmers’ markets in the region
    Canterbury is full of great farmers’ markets so why not head out and stock up the pantry with some tasty treats ahead of the winter months.
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  • Learn to cook in a French-inspired village on Banks Peninsula
    The couple behind Akaroa Cooking School feel lucky to be surrounded by an abundance of local seasonal produce – from berries growing wild in hedgerows to fresh fish from Akaroa Harbour.
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  • Old meets new at Christchurch bar O.G.B
    A drink or a bite to eat at O.G.B is a perfect way to get a taste of old Christchurch, with staff in suspenders and newsboy caps. The speakeasy-style bar, cafe and restaurant is housed in the city’s grand Old Government Building, which opened in 1913.
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  • Top reasons to visit the port-side town of Lyttelton
    Lyttelton is just over the hill from Christchurch but the portside town sometimes feels a world away with its own distinct vibe and fiercely passionate locals.
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  • Christchurch's post-industrial hospitality scene
    As a post-manufacturing city, Christchurch is full of industrial-style buildings – mostly along old railway routes. As the city rebuilds, attention is turning to these hidden gems for hospitality purposes.
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  • New guided tour showcases Christchurch street art
    A walking tour showcasing street art in central Christchurch swings by some of the city’s newest murals.
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  • Ballooning Canterbury
    A flight over Canterbury with one of New Zealand's top balloonists
    Floating effortlessly over the Canterbury Plains with a basket full of tourists is how Ballooning Canterbury owner Michael Oakley likes to start the day.
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  • Kaikōura seafood vendor Nins Bin makes a comeback
    Kaikōura's much-loved crayfish caravan Nins Bin is making a comeback just in time for summer.
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  • Kaikoura Kayaks - Kai Schwörer
    Tales from the deep – wildlife encounters in Kaikōura
    Kaikōura’s abundant marine life is as active as ever following the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that struck there a year ago.
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