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Job Ready For Students

Job Ready Programme for Students

International Students Wanted

You are Christchurch Educated, now become New Zealand Job Ready!

The first step of the Job Ready Programme is a workshop or webinar that trains Canterbury international students and/or recent graduates to be ready to work in New Zealand. On successful completion of the workshop and a follow up 1-1 session, students may be referred to internship projects based on availability and best match of skills and abilities.


In the Workshop you Will Learn

  • About job search strategies
  • How to apply and interview for jobs
  • How to settle into the workplace
  • How to communicate with employers
  • About New Zealand work culture

Register for the Workshops Now

Complete the form below and get on your way to being Job Ready.

Karen Haigh
Talent Specialist, Innovation and Business Growth




Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions set out expectations and responsibilities of the student, the participating businesses (host organization), if any, and Christchurch Educated.


Your Information

I hereby certify that the above information, to the best of my knowledge, is correct. I understand that falsification of this information may prevent me from being selected or may lead to my dismissal from the programme.

I understand that this is a registration for a programme to help me gain employment skills, not an application for paid/ unpaid employment. There is no guarantee of a work placement, unpaid internship or paid employment at the end of this programme.

Workshop Arrangement

Registration for the programme workshops is to assist with the development of employment skills. There is no guarantee of a work placement, unpaid internship or paid employment at the end of this programme. A student must attend all workshops and be actively involved with workshop activities to succeed in the programme and be considered for other opportunities.

Internship Arrangement Purpose

As a result of successful completion of the programme and best match of previous employment experience, skills, cultural perspective and field of study a student may be put forward to a local business as a candidate for an unpaid internship. This internship is part of an integrated learning arrangement for educational purposes only. The intention is for graduates to enter the workforce with the attributes that employers want and need. Christchurch Educated recognises the importance of real world experiences to complement academic learning, and wishes to facilitate opportunities that can help students confirm or discover their interests, develop the relevant skills, make important industry contacts, and contribute to the success of a business.

Nature of the Relationship

There is no commitment on the part of any party in association with this programme to enter into an employment relationship. The student will be a visitor at the host organization. In the course of the placement, the student may carry out tasks that are not otherwise done by paid employees, observe work practices and prepare a report for the host organisation. The student may be reimbursed for expenses but has no expectation of reward. In the event that the student’s tasks include work that is for the economic benefit for the host organisation, it is agreed any such work will be unpaid voluntary work.

Rights and responsibilities

1) Any report, data or other intellectual property, created by the student as a result of the placement must be disclosed to the host organisation and shall be the property of the host organisation.
2) Christchurch Educated, its employees and contractors will not be responsible for any losses incurred by the host organisation or the student as a result of any act or omission of the student or host organisation. The student is responsible for his or her own actions but assumes no liability for the consequences of the host organisations applying the research.
3) The host organisation may terminate this agreement at any time by giving one week notice to the Christchurch Educated contact person. General responsibilities during the term of this agreement:

The student will have the following responsibilities:

1) The student has completed the workshop series and has completed a project plan that is signed off by the host organisation.
2) Be available at times agreed with host organisation, and notify absences as soon as practicable
3) Adhere to any policies, procedures and rules as advised by the host organisation;
4) Hold in confidence all information which is not in the public domain and which is reasonably regarded by the host organisation as confidential;
5) Sign any health and safety, confidentiality, intellectual property or other organisation specific undertakings as requested by the host organisation;
6) Notify the Christchurch Educated contact person of problems during the course of the placement.

B. Christchurch Educated will have the following responsibilities:

1) Participate in initial planning regarding activities by reviewing objectives with student and host organisation;
2) Enquire about and get confirmation of health and safety processes at the host organisation.
3) Hold in confidence all information which is not in the public domain and which is reasonably regarded by the host organisation as confidential
4) Monitor the students’ progress during the placement.

C. The host organisation will have the following responsibilities:

1) Work with the student and Christchurch Educated to develop a structured project (up to three months) involving training and individual development;
2) Advise the student of any policies, procedures and rules that student is expected to follow;
3) Take all practicable steps to provide the student with a healthy and safe environment;
4) Allow the student sufficient time to complete work and to fulfil the responsibilities in A above;
5) Assign a member of staff to manage the intern, decide on a regular meeting time to provide ongoing support for the student’s project.
6) Subject to commercial sensitivity and the Privacy Act 1993, release data to the student for the purposes of the internship;
7) Notify the Christchurch Educated contact person of any problems during the course of the placement;
8) Evaluate the student’s performance at the end of internship.