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Join us for tourism industry updates and tips to help keep you ahead of the game. Each week we'll introduce a new topic for discussion. So be sure to tune in and post your feedback – whether you have a question or some insights to share.

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  • Digital Update - The New Year Edition

    2017 is the year to ramp up your online activity and ensure you are using your channels to their full potential. Here are 5 quick tips to step up your online game this year.

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  • Digital Update - The December Edition

    2 December 2016 - The ever changing face of the digital world can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult to keep up with. Here are some bite size pieces of information to keep you up to speed.

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  • Digital Update - The February Edition

    21 February 2017 - No matter what industry you're in, a question asked often is; what are the most effective social media platforms to use and where should I be directing my marketing resources and budget?

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  • Digital Update - The May Edition

    25 May 2017 - You may have heard the term mobile optimisation thrown around a lot recently, with the small personal devices dominating digital trends in 2017.
    But what does mobile optimisation mean and what do you need to do to keep up with the shift from desktop to mobile?

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