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Location Access

Permitting Authorities for Public Land

Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the following before filming.

For assistance with location access, please fill in the pre-permit form found here.

Christchurch City Council

Canterbury District Councils

  • Each district council in Canterbury has their own procedure for access, but the Regional Film Office can support with the process. Please fill in the form or talk to us for more information.
  • Map of district boundary lines

Department of Conservation (DOC) controlled areas

  • Concession required
  • DOC is the guardian of New Zealand's conservation estate and administers its national parks. If you want to film in an area managed by DOC you need to apply for a concession
  • DOC Concession Application Form 5a – Filming
  • Application Information Form 1b – One-Off Process
  • We encourage you to have as much pre-application discussion with the local DOC office as possible
  • Film crews should familiarise themselves with this process and follow the guidance when applying for their DOC concession - this reduces the time and cost required
  • In most cases the application is best lodged at the DOC office nearest to the primary location that is to be used.
  • Concessions are governed by DOC’s Code of Practice: The Code’s stated purpose is to provide film crews with guidance and assistance. Consent forms and other relevant material such as information about fees can be found on DOC’s website or via email.

LINZ Unalienated Crown Land (Includes Lakebeds and Riverbeds)

  • Recreation permit required
  • Many New Zealand lakebeds and riverbeds are Crown property and are managed by LINZ on behalf of the Commissioner of Crown Lands. 
  • A recreation permit is required prior to filming on these. Applications should be made with Colliers, who are LINZ’s service agents.
  • Email: Rose Quirk or Poppy Simpson-Wells.

LINZ Pastoral Land (Stations or Farms)

Maori Land

  • Permission required
  • The encouragement of consultation with local iwi is recommended before filming in New Zealand.
  • Please get in touch for further information and contacts

Private Land

  • Permission required from landowner
  • Permission to film is required from the landowner of all locations

Environment Canterbury

Requests to film on Environment Canterbury land:

  • Please visit the Canterbury Maps website and turn on the layer ‘Environment Canterbury Land’ to see what areas they can give permission for (please note that most riverbeds are owned by LINZ).
  • Once you’ve determined that the area where you’d like to film is owned by Environment Canterbury, please email the Customer Services team at ecinfo@ecan.govt.nz to request permission to film. In this email, please provide the following information:
    • your name and company
    • your contact details
    • the purpose of your filming
    • details about what you want to film
    • the specific location(s) where you want to film
    • the desired date of filming
    • the approximate time of day.
  • The Environment Canterbury Reserves team will endeavour to provide a response as soon as they can. Once a decision has been made, a formal response notifying the approval or decline will be sent to the requester.

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