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Exploring Christchurch and Canterbury by V8 trike

7 November 2018

Marty Needham has worked in stock exchanges in London and Zurich but has found the perfect work life balance living back in Christchurch and taking people out touring on V8 trikes.

His company V8 Trikes Ltd set up in 2015 and takes visitors and locals exploring around picturesque Canterbury, operating out of both Christchurch city and Akaroa, using a 3 seater and 5 seater trike made by a local manufacturer.

“Initially my business partner was running tours with the trikes in Fiji, but we decided it was time to return to New Zealand and show off our own beautiful part of the world,” Marty, originally from Christchurch, said.

He loves the reactions of people taking the tours, many of whom are visiting from around the globe.

“Living here, we can take it for granted. Some of the reactions from visitors to our scenery is amazing. A while ago I took a family from China around the city and then up to the Port Hills overlooking Christchurch with the plains and Southern Alps in the back ground.

“When we got up there the father was jumping up and down going crazy and excited. The mother said to me, through the daughter; ‘Please excuse my husband. This is a once in a life time trip for us and he is just so happy’ to be on this dream holiday.”

The importance of showing visitors a good time is at the heart of what Marty does.

“For some of the people visiting, it is the only holiday they will take all year and their time is precious. I met a couple of high end pawn brokers from London that work 50 weeks of the year and they wanted to come to Christchurch. When they were on top of those hills they said; ‘This is why we came here. This is what we wanted to see’.

Many locals also want to experience the thrill of being on a V8 and quite a few in their 80s have taken a spin on their birthdays instead of just “going out for tea and a cake”.

“For a lot of people, being on a V8 at least once in their life is definitely on their bucket list. They want to do something different.”

Marty enjoys being able to share his own experiences of Christchurch, driving past the Thomas Edmund Band Rotunda where he and his wife were married and pointing out great bars, cafes and shops he likes to frequent.

His young daughter also enjoys her dad’s business venture, especially when he’s running late from a tour and picks her up from pre-school in one of the V8 trikes to the delight of her classmates.

“I love what I do. I get to show people this amazing part of the world and still be at home with my kids a lot of the time.”

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