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Black Cat Sustainability Story

10 September 2018 - Sustainability is a phrase that is being thrown around a lot these days. For Black Cat, this is not something we have just started focussing on, it is in essence the foundation that the company was built on.

Looking after the environment, your staff, your customers and your business just makes sense!

Sustainability is not just about ticking boxes either. It is ensuring you give each of these areas of your business the time and attention to constantly improve. If any one of these pillars starts to fail, ultimately so will your business.

In recent years, this has seen Black Cat review of our fuel supply and a change to a biofuel blend (where available), the installation of a wood pellet burner to efficiently heat water for showers for our Swimming with Dolphins customers and the creation of a free education resource around the Hector’s Dolphins which is due to be rolled out before the end of the year.

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