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Thousands play Super Street Arcade this summer

7 February 2017 

Thousands of people have played Gap Filler’s Super Street Arcade, which was installed on the Tuam and High St corner just before Christmas. The giant-sized arcade game console launched with a Christchurch-themed game, Attack of the Cones, created by local game developers Cerebral Fix.

In its first seven weeks of operation, the Super Street Arcade was played 32,843 times with an average game time of 41 seconds. Google Analytics is able to track total usage, days and times of usage, average game time, and even how many times each button has been pressed. There have been 880,000 button presses and joystick movements, and a total of 5.6 million points scored so far. The current high score of 4548, attributed to DON, has been in place since the day the project opened in mid-December. People from all backgrounds have been observed playing the game from passersby to families to the homeless. So far the maximum number of games played in one day is 1149 games.

“We’re thrilled to see the project getting so much use,” says Damian Doyle, Gap Filler Project Developer. “It’s especially satisfying to see strangers interact on the street and end up playing together.”

Gap Filler will be creating more games for the Super Street Arcade. The first game, Attack of the Cones, was supported by Men at Work and developed by Cerebral Fix. Gap Filler is planning on creating opportunities for young people to be involved designing a game in the coming months. Anyone interested in supporting the development of a new game should get in touch with Gap Filler.

There will be an Attack of the Cones tournament in March supported by Men at Work, where the winner’s trophy is a specially created golden road cone. For more details, see the Super Street Arcade Facebook page.


More information:

Super Street Arcade is located on the corner of Tuam and High Streets. It is free to play, for two to three players. It will be in place until September, 2017. Super Street arcade is a Gap Filler project.

Gap Filler is a creative urban regeneration initiative that facilitates a wide range of temporary projects, events, installations and amenities in the city. Gap Filler has realised more than 70 projects to date around Christchurch and has been instrumental in Christchurch’s creative recovery and listings in the Lonely Planet 2013 city guide and the New York Times.

Gap Filler aims to catalyse a Christchurch – and wider society – where citizens feel empowered to take creative action, and to experiment with fun ways of contributing to the wellbeing of the city and its residents.