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Kathmandu Coast to Coast to help boost tourism numbers in Canterbury

27 April 2016

New Zealand is renowned globally as a playground for outdoor-adventure enthusiasts, and the worldleading multi-sport race is putting Christchurch and Canterbury in the spotlight.

Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism says visitor numbers will be given a boost with the help of one of New Zealand’s most iconic sporting events, the 33rd annual Coast to Coast race – which recently announced its partnership with outdoor adventure brand Kathmandu.

Vic Allen, Chief Executive, Christchurch and Canterbury Tourism, said Kathmandu’s commitment to increasing promotion and profile of the race will help showcase the “new Christchurch” and Canterbury region to a huge national and international audience.

“Major events like this help boost Christchurch’s reputation as a vibrant visitor destination, cementing our position on the global touring map.

Major events like this help boost Christchurch’s reputation as a vibrant visitor destination, cementing our position on the global touring map.

Vic Allen - CEO Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism

“The Kathmandu Coast to Coast will be profiling the best of the South Island to a huge national and international audience via the media, and competitor and crew experiences will be shared around the world on digital and social channels.

“The multi-sport travel market is high value, with competitors bringing support crew who spend on accommodation, meals and supplies. These are influential people too, from key markets like Australia and the United Kingdom, who will share their stories with other international influencers,” Allen adds.

The race, which has seen over 18,000 people complete the course in 33 years, will partner with Kathmandu for the 2017 event for the first time as part of a three year agreement.

Richard Ussher, Kathmandu Coast to Coast Race Director, explains that the strategy for the race was to partner with a like-minded adventure brand that shared our same values, “Kathmandu and its widereaching, captive audience both locally and around the world, were the perfect choice. They stand for the same things we do and we know they’ll be invaluable in helping us profile the race, promoting the region and encouraging visitor and race participation. It was a smart choice and also an obvious one.”

Christchurch-based Kathmandu Brand Manager – PR and Sponsorship, Olivia Barclay, says the brand will take a number of steps to boost the profile of the Coast to Coast race among its customers both locally and abroad.

“Richard Ussher and the Kathmandu Coast to Coast team are keen to push the profile internationally and we know we can help. Our two biggest markets outside of New Zealand are Australia and the United Kingdom, so we’ve developed a number of different marketing strategies to suit each region.

“To share one of New Zealand’s leading sporting events with our adventure-loving international customers is a really special opportunity. In doing so, we also get to showcase the natural beauty of our country and encourage outdoor enthusiasts to experience it firsthand.”

The Kathmandu Coast to Coast will be held on Friday 10 February 2017, coinciding with Kathmandu’s 30 year anniversary. Race entries open on Wednesday 27 April.

Kathmandu Coast to Coast announcement video teaser.

About Kathmandu Coast to Coast

Robin Judkins founded the Coast to Coast event in 1983 when just 25 athletes took on the 243km challenge over two days. Coast to Coast is now run by Ultimate Event Productions, a New Zealand Family owned company.

The One Day race was introduced in 1989 with the top athletes covering the entire course in close to 11 hours. The Two Day race, however, sees some competitors taking closer to 24 hours.

Held every February, the racecourse starts on the West Coast at Kumara Beach and traverses the width of the South Island, crossing the main divide and finishing on the East Coast. 

One of the world’s longest running multi-sport events, the Coast to Coast has become a rite of passage for many with over 18,000 athletes completing the course to date.