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Job Ready for Business

Access Local Talent to Help Your Business Grow

Businesses can benefit from the global skills and talent of international students. This can be especially valuable if your business is looking to export to the student’s native country. These students bring unique and diverse perspectives to the local workforce – strengthening business plans, strategies, and organisational development.

The Job Ready Programme provides links to students who have completed a programme of study in Canterbury and are better prepared to succeed in a New Zealand job market. The Programme seeks to match student experience and skill sets with business needs and provides support and follow-up throughout.

How We Can Help You

ChristchurchNZ’s Job Ready Programme is offering specialised internship projects to businesses that require assistance to adapt to these challenging times post-COVID. ChristchurchNZ can match you with MBIS and marketing students & graduates who are looking for some real-world work experience. These students and graduates have specialist knowledge and skills applicable to global social media marketing and technology-driven innovations in business.

These internship projects are between 160-200 hours, with flexible start dates and durations, and the intern can work remotely if required.

These projects can be customised to meet your business’ needs, and ChristchurchNZ will support you with onboarding and paperwork. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help.

Businesses with projects in export markets can also tap into the skills of local international students to assist with projects requiring cultural awareness, foreign language expertise, overseas connections and research.

Our students are looking for paid or unpaid internships and paid work, in ways that add value to you. Arrangements depend on your business requirements and the students desired learning outcomes. A typical internship is up to three months, and involves training, contribution to agreed work areas, and successful outcomes for both the business and intern.

Some examples of internship projects include:

  • Digital business strategy development
  • International market & channel research
  • Development of web-based portals or dashboards
  • Data analysis and data management
  • Project management and user experience design and testing
  • Use and management of databases
    • Testing of your new product or service here at home with local international communities
    • Development of a social media strategy to gain presence in international channels

Project length, start dates, and other logistical details are flexible. Internships can be carried out remotely if necessary.

What Employers Who Have Worked with International Interns Have to Say

Yolanda has been a great help to our Senior Transitions Charitable Trust. The trust has few resources, so having a professional marketer has helped us. Yolanda has created several brochures, interviewed our staff and created stories that we can use in our social media. She is also working on our website and social media. We are very pleased to have her on board for the 3 months.

Marketing project with Discover New Pathways

Mitchell created a digital platform for our Queensland Rail business and he was excellent - he had excellent soft skills and was ready to go.

IT project with Motovated

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Karen Haigh
Talent Specialist, Innovation and Business Growth

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If you have a specific internship project please detail below, or leave it blank and we will be happy to help you develop a project.

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