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Greater Christchurch Retail Analysis

Week ending 29 March 2020

Greater Christchurch Retail Analysis

By: Dr Peter Fieger and David Dyason; ChristchurchNZ economists.

Retail spending values in Greater Christchurch for the week ending 29 March 2020 indicated an overall decline of 21.6 percent compared to the same week of the previous year.

Hardest hit were hospitality, accommodation, clothing, footwear and department stores with declines in excess of 82 per cent.

Supermarkets continue to exhibit increased business in dollar terms (up by around 30 per cent), albeit at a lower rate than in the previous week (up 53 per cent).

Retail Type Week ending March 29; compared to same week last year
Food, Liquor & Pharmacies 29.8% 
Hospitality & Accommodation -82.2% 
Fuel & Automotive  -44.9%
Clothing, Footwear & Dept. Stores  -82.6% 
Home & Recreational Retailing  3.7% 
International  -49.0%
Domestic  -20.1%
NZ, All Spending  -22.7%


Spending pattern over time can be seen in Figure 1. It should be noted that the lockdown only partially covered the period of reporting. It is the expectation that these figures will be exacerbated in the coming week.

Figure 1.

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