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  1. Prima Roastery

    Prima Roastery

    Prima Roastery’s 25th year of operation saw them move from their longstanding Woolston abode to bring their beans and expertise to the corner of Brougham and Brisbane St. In line with their practices around sustainability and re-use, Prima took over an existing warehouse space, breathing new life into an aging building with a fit-out conceived and largely executed in-house. This allowed them the opportunity to create a new space which reflects their values and approach to coffee roasting.

    The front of the warehouse turned coffee hotspot almost couldn’t let in more natural light with floor to ceiling windows that beckon passers-by in for a look. Inside, large panel...

  2. Punky Brewster

    Punky Brewster

    For craft beer, local wine, handcrafted spirits and all the food that goes with, head to Punky Brewster in Addington. Punky opened back in 2015 as a craft beer fillery and quickly earned a huge loyal following. Fast forward five years and they’re a complete destination for eating, drinking and hanging out with an on license and full menu. As they have been since day one, Punky is a come as you are kind of place. Beer nerds and those just getting familiar with the stuff are equally welcome here. 

    The Norcross family are the people behind Punky Brewster and even the name here holds a story. The Norcross kids used the sitcom's name as you might say...

  3. Ramen Ria

    Ramen Ria

    Ramen Ria has all of the flavour and fun that can be found in some of Tokyo’s most well known, yet tucked away ramen joints. Located in the heart of Christchurch at Riverside Market, Ramen Ria features hot brothy bowls and all of the accoutrements, like Asahi beer towers, that make for a great ramen spot.

    The menu boasts plenty of ramen options but the most popular includes the Pork Trio a tonkotsu ramen served with crispy pork belly, thinly sliced pork belly, streaky maple bacon and soft boiled soy egg. Ramen Ria’s chicken ramen is warm and comforting with a rich chicken soup, pulled chicken, water chestnut, chicken meatballs, truffle oil and shiitake mushrooms. The...

  4. Riccarton Noodle House

    Riccarton Noodle House

    Riccarton Noodle House has been a local favourite for over twenty years. It’s a lively hub for Christchurch’s Cambodian community and for anyone who appreciates great food. Many of Riccarton Noodle House’s regulars grew up dining here and now bring their own bubs along for lunch and dinner.

    Owners, Richard and Pauchanda, make it their mission to keep this well loved spot doing what it does best in terms of providing every visitor with an experience that is as delicious as it is welcoming.

    To witness the care each dish is prepared, simply peer into the open kitchen and you will find head chef Pauchanda at work amidst steaming pots, simmering broths and...

  5. Riverside Kitchen

    Riverside Kitchen

    Riverside Kitchen, the city’s premier cooking school, sits perched above Riverside Market and draws inspiration from the local flavours and friendly faces found on site everyday. If you’ve visited the market, Riverside Kitchen’s unique fitout has, most likely, already caught your eye.

    The cooking school’s French doors allow the market’s energy to intermingle with the school itself. Inside you’ll find eight expertly designed cooking stations that can be moved to and fro depending on the class or event at hand. The gleaming chef’s station at the front is where most classes get started and the family style dining room, located at the back,...

  6. Riverside Market

    Riverside Market

    A bustling hub of community, Riverside Market is the rejuvenated beating heart of the central city we’ve all been waiting for. This unique Christchurch establishment brings fresh produce, artisan bakeries, independent food stalls, bars and restaurants, high-class retail and eclectic market stalls all under one roof. Think of the humming market halls of Europe and beyond, this purpose built two-level establishment overlooking the Avon River will give you the same, if not a bigger, buzz.

    Make sure you arrive with plenty of room in your puku, as the 30-odd food outlets (each as intriguing as the next) to choose from will make life very hard otherwise. There is a huge variety...

  7. Rollickin' Gelato

    Rollickin' Gelato

    Handmade in store every morning from organic milk by Nature Matters, the creamy mc’dreamy products at Rollickin’ Gelato are finger-lickin’ good and have quickly proved a popular treat for New Regent Street wanderers.

    Promising to fill your puku with real ingredients and super flavoursome mixes, the young entrepreneurial team led by Jed Joyce is committed to using fresh New Zealand products and putting the effort in when it comes to making quality food with quality skills. Coffee here is organic too, with V6 the choice of beans. Complement your gelato choice with a hit of caffeine or combine both treats in one, with a special Rollickin’ affogato. Expect to...

  8. Rollickin' Gelato Cashel Street

    Rollickin' Gelato Cashel Street

    Many of Christchurch’s most well-loved shops got their start at our bountiful farmer's markets. Rollickin’ Gelato might just be the poster child of the bunch. Their second shop, located on Cashel Street, offers the same spunk and creativity with which the business was founded and is the premier CBD spot for late-night dessert.

    Since 2014, owner Jed Joyce and his team have managed to bring the city something truly special when it comes to sweet treats. Rollickin’s out-the-gate flavours beckon out-the-door lines and their Cashel Street store brings the yom to the next level with extended evening hours.

    Rollickin’ Gelato Cashel Street is the...

  9. Rona's


    With glistening Akaroa seaside views just around the corner, stepping into Rona’s for a gourmet brunch feels like treating yourself to a bona fide holiday. 

    The first order of business upon entering, is to step up to the counter and choose a plate of delicious brunch fare (may we suggest the Belgian waffles with citrus?), alongside a trusty coffee supplied by Coffee Supreme. Then find yourself a spot in the quirky and charming dining area, or opt to dine al fresco, where you can catch views of both the sea and the hills under the shady verandah. 

    Owner Caroline, champions New Zealand produce and artisans, which is why, in addition to sourcing local Akaroa...

  10. Saturdays


    This beachfront cafe is named for everyone’s favourite day. But there’s more to it than that. One thing you might not know about Christchurch is that in the 1960s businesses were required to shut on Saturdays. Save for a select block of shops in New Brighton where Cantabrians frequented ice cream stalls, tea rooms, arcades, carnivals and other pier side spots.

    Saturdays is a celebration of not just the weekend, but every day. It’s an ode to what saturdays stand for: slowing down, enjoying one another and pairing it all with excellent food and drink. This cafe opened in mid 2020 alongside He Puna Tai Moana hot pools and has become one of the most lovable brunch...

  11. Seven


    Take the elevator to Level 7 of the Muse Art Hotel in Christchurch, and from there you’ll be ushered into the elegant restaurant, Seven. The masterminds behind Earl, Bottle & Stone and Pink Lady  have done it again, with a luxe modernist bolthole exuding style and grace. 

    If Pink Lady is Baja California, Seven is undeniably East Coast. The mahogany hues, exposed concrete walls, pendant lighting and easy sophistication, signal New York chic. The unadulterated views of the city across to the Port Hills, cast a spellbinding vista for dinner guests. From the comfortable leather booths you can watch the evening unfurl with almost certain irregularity, all part of...

  12. Six Ounces

    Six Ounces

    There’s nothing quite like a cosy neighbourhood spot and Six Ounces is exactly that. Clad in refurbished furniture, vintage lamps, plenty of greenery and hand-built cabinetry, the atmosphere inside this place is relaxed and inviting. Open from dawn till dusk (well, 10pm to be precise), Six Ounces serves a roster of top quality coffee and a curated list of wine, beer and cocktails as the sun sets.  

    The brainchild of Avi Cohen and Lois Parmenter, Six Ounces was years in the making while the couple lived in London, but got off the ground within just a few months once the pair escaped the Covid-ridden city and arrived in Christchurch - Avi’s hometown - at the...

  13. Smash Palace

    Smash Palace

    A stalwart of the Christchurch rebuild, Smash Palace has found permanent digs on High Street, after a few years on Victoria Street. A bar that has certainly made a (good) name for itself, Smash Palace quite frankly belongs in its new High Street locale.

    Occupying the building and surrounding site of the once Brick Farm restaurant and bar, the High Street iteration of Smash Palace combines the best elements of both Brick Farm and Smash Palace. The original Smash Palace bus-converted-into-a-bar is still there (a clever and resourceful restoration as far as we’re concerned), and so too are the Thursday night bike nights that became famous at Victoria Street (they’re a...

  14. Smokey T's

    Smokey T's

    Smokey T’s is the materialised dream of chef Tristin ('T') Anderson. Here authentic wood smoked BBQ is produced and served by the man himself. Expect the softest, juiciest slow cooked meat you’ve ever tasted. We’re talking brisket cooked to perfection in ten hours, pork belly, chicken, burgers, jalapeño and cheese sausages, fried chicken, get the gist. Smokey T’s cult following is always growing with people making special trips from far and wide.

    Every barbecuing region and enthusiast has their own philosophy on what makes BBQ so great. Here it is all about low and slow and using the best possible ingredients. Every smoke session...

  15. Soul Quarter

    Soul Quarter

    The first thing that strikes you when stepping into Soul Quarter is the chic ambience of this central city eatery. The dark wood, candlelight, and high ceilings (adorned with art deco lights) give a sense of scale while still feeling intimate and cosy. This is all helped by the state-of-the-art bio fuel fire that greets you upon entry. The owners of Soul Quarter are no strangers to hospitality, and it shows straight out of the gate. 

    The main dining room is split into two levels, a ground-floor area nestled next to the bar and a mezzanine floor suspended above. You’ll have to choose whether you want to see the action unfold from above or down below (we couldn’t...

  16. South Town Club

    South Town Club

    Head south of the CBD and you’ll stumble across ‘South Town’ - the city’s scruffier, cooler neighbourhood that perpetually calls you in because there’s something new to discover. The latest is South Town Club on Welles St. A sweet collab between the old owner’s Supreme and Dan Hobson, an absolute champion of top-notch hospitality. 

    The laid back vibe and humming coffee machine continues but now there’s the added bonus of a well-thought out brunch menu with an assortment of flavours and combinations to try (espresso + chilli butter and the miso glazed mushroom instantly grab our attention). There’s some welcome surprises - the...

  17. Story


    Story restaurant on Christchurch’s picturesque New Regent Street offers an intimate, relaxed and unique dining experience that’s not to be missed. The petite upstairs dining space can squeeze up to thirty people in one sitting, and downstairs offers an option of street-side dining for six. If you enjoy watching the chef at work, there’s enough room for two at the bar along the open kitchen.

    The dining experience at Story is anything but ordinary. With a set menu being your only option, the pressure of decision-making is taken out of the equation. So, sit back, relax and enjoy good conversation while being well looked after and well-fed. An extensive wine list...

  18. Sumner Social

    Sumner Social

    The arrival of Sumner Social warrants high fives all around because, at last, the coastal suburb has a top-notch bar and restaurant with ocean views. We are bloomin’ excited and you should be too. 

    It’ll come as no surprise that opening a place here had been a dream of the owners, The Sinke Family, for some time. Having grown up in Sumner, Julian was thrilled when the opportunity presented itself, and after an extensive refurbishment, ridding the space of its dark decrepit interior, Sumner Social has been transformed into a light, bright, inviting destination. 

    The sea of yellow and white striped parasols are instantly attention-grabbing, and not...

  19. Sun Dog Diner

    Sun Dog Diner

    Based on traditional American diners, Sun Dog Diner aims to provide the locals of Christchurch with a place to enjoy great comfort food in an old-fashioned diner, but with a modern, elevated twist. 

    Owner Jess Lynch has honed her skills as a chef over the years, and it had always been her intention to open up a diner in Christchurch, but finding the right space wasn’t easy. It had to be the sort of place where you could walk in, day or night, and have a sit down meal or a drink with friends. Sun Dog Diner is just that sort of place - fitted out with eclectic artwork, retro-style furniture and vintage gaming machines.

    The food is self-described ‘hoity...

  20. SUPER


    It can be a risky business making promises via a title – unless of course, you are a chocolate bar producer (Crunchie bars = never soft, Flakes = never solid) but in the case of Lyttelton’s Asian-inspired SUPER, the promise is well and truly followed through:

    SUPER = super.

    Housed in a stunning old building – in fact, the oldest standing building in Lyttelton – SUPER offers delicious food and drink with a focus on sustainability, flavour and fun. Owners Sahni Bennett and Joseph Quested opened in February 2018 and diners from near and far have been flocking ever since.

    SUPER’s fare is simple, well thought out and delicious. The menu...