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Why I love the Margaret Mahy Playground – Kaitlyn, age 6

Kaitlyn (6) visits the Margaret Mahy playground every couple of weeks and considers herself one of its biggest fans. Kaitlyn showed us some of her favourite parts of this central city playground, named the best of its kind in the country!


My little sisters love the swings, they love it when I push them really, really high! There are swings for babies and swings for big kids.

Balancing poles

I like going on these poles, you can go on all of them or skip over some of them. It’s tricky though – some are tall, some are small and some are in-between!


I really love the sandpit in summer, you can mix the water in it and make a river. It’s a bit too cold to play in the sandpit today, but I like climbing up the tower and spying on my Mum and Dad.

The Big Slide 

I used to be very scared of this slide, but now I love it, because its really fast. Sometimes I even do a rolie flip on the top rail.

Water play

I love the water playground. In summer we bring our togs and play in the water. You can spin this wheel and it makes the water come out and run down the slide.


There are real eels in the water! They are long and a bit scary looking. I just feed the ducks though, other people can feed the eels.

Flying fox

This is my favourite part of the whole playground! It goes really fast and I love it.

The Margaret Mahy Playground is on Armagh Street on the banks of the Avon River and is open 24 hours. 

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