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Why I love the central city - Shelly Sefton, Diner 66

American burgers, fries, pancakes, sandwiches and 43 flavours of milkshake. In central Christchurch? Get outta town – we love this.

Diner 66 opened in 2018 and has found a loyal following of food enthusiasts, keen to sample the culture and vibe of road-tripping across the land of the free, home of the brave. Complete with genuine furniture from Chicago and memorabilia galore, this place is the real deal.

We caught up with Shelley Sefton of Diner 66 to chat about running a business in the city centre.

How long have you worked/operated in the central city?

We’ve been here at 88 Victoria St for about 16 months.

Are you doing anything this winter to attract more business?

We constantly run promotions and competitions to entice people in. We are running billboards too, focusing largely on weekday breakfasts.

What is your go-to lunch spot?

Diner 66 of course! If not there, I really like Chiwahwah on The Terrace.

Tell us what your ideal day out in the city looks like?

A few drinks with the girls on The Terrace, browsing the inner city boutique clothing stores, jump on a Lime Scooter and explore the edges of the inner city – edge precincts, gardens/Arts Centre area etc.

What is your best kept central-city secret?

I don’t have any secrets! But if anyone can share, I’m keen to go and try them all out.  

What sets Christchurch central city apart from other places in the city? Or other cities in New Zealand? 

Constant change and growth. Lots of new buildings, great architecture and always activity going on. We’ve got a great vibe here, it’s quite different to the CBD of old.

Can you sum up the central city up in one word?


What would you say to someone who says there is nothing to do in the central city?

Grab a Lime Scooter and take a really good look around. There is so much hiding in alleyways and in streets off the beaten path.

Can you finish this sentence: ’I love Christchurch central city because…”  

…it’s new and vibrant, but at the same time takes me back to the old days where central city shopping was the norm.  Best of both new and old worlds!

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