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FLARE Murals And Nearby Foodie Hot Spots

Grab A Bite To Eat &

Explore Some Cool Street Art

The FLARE Street Art Festival took place at the beginning of 2022 bringing a range of new murals to Christchurch. Spend a day exploring the artworks and nearby places to fuel up during your travels.

Christchurch The Welder

Artist: Kophie Hulsbosch AKA Meep

Where: Meep is a local artist who’s painting a wall at 198 St Asaph St, right between St Asaph and Welles streets. You’ll find a bunch of murals around here already, so take a wander around.

Where to eat/drink: The Welder is on Welles St and is stacked with culinary options, from vegan treats to decadent pastries, Japanese tapas to fat pizza. Get your foodie fix.


Artist: Nick Tam AKA Ikarus

Where: Ikarus, founding member of the DTR Crew, is throwing paint on a wall at 87 Manchester St, adding to this main road’s artistic collection. His work includes the Riverside Market Mural, now one of the central city’s favourites.

Where to eat/drink: Moment Café is right next to Ikarus’ new wall, and serves up Insta-worthy dishes on the daily. Their sustainable focus is a bonus, as is their ability to cater to all tastes and dietary requirements.

Grain Best Scones
Credit: Neat Places

Artist: Elliot Frances Stewart AKA Deus

Where: Deus is expertly decorating a blank canvas at 63 Manchester St. Expect his funk cartoon-style art to add flavour to this already colourful part of town.

Where to eat/drink: Wander down Southwark St to Grain Coffee where simplicity is king. Their cheese scones sell out daily, and people flock for some of the best coffees in town.

Kell Sunshine

Artist: Kelly Spencer AKA Kell Sunshine

Where: This Gisborne-based artist is bringing her brand of street art to a spot at 245 St Asaph St, just down the lane from the famous SALT Mural. Expect colour and style from this renowned painter.

Where to eat/drink: Espresso 245 is the coffee equivalent of a cellar door for Viking Coffee, roasted on site. Their cabinet is well-stocked and their menu will satisfy all post-art cravings.

Christchurch Little High Diners

Artist: Swiftmantis

Where: Straight outta Palmy, Swiftmantis is in town to paint a wall at 255 St Asaph St, right outside of Little High Eatery. He’s well known for large-scale cat murals and attention to detail.

Where to eat/drink: Little High is one of the central city’s most popular spots, serving up snacks and full-scale feasts from around the world. Get cosy inside, or sit outside surrounded by murals and urban chatter.


Artist: Koryu

Where: This Japanese artist is throwing down some style at 158 High St, adding to the eclectic range of murals already dotted around the SALT District.

Where to eat/drink: Heard of C1 Espresso? Of course you have, and for good reason. This place is a Christchurch institution, slinging burgers and fries, café style grub, and excellent coffee. You can even get your face printed onto your flat white…whaaat?

Smash Palace

Artist: Wongi Wilson

Where: Arguably Christchurch’s best known muralist, Wongi is flexing his creativity on a wall at 203 High St. Will his latest piece become a landmark artwork? Probably.

Where to eat/drink: Smash Palace is a favourite across demographics. A bikie bar, a hipster hang out, a place to unwind and take in the sights. Well-known for a classy pint and a fantastic burger, you can’t go wrong with a stop in at Smash.

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