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Why Spending Locally is Important

A Collaboration Between ChristchurchNZ and Not Another Studio

Why Spending Locally is Important

We all know spending locally can make a huge difference to our business community and our overall economic recovery. It’s behaviour that feels good and is backed up by basic economic theory.

ChristchurchNZ understands this concept well. Our economics team have been working hard to explain why it’s important, and our marketing team have actively shared this message with our residents to encourage those who can to continue to spend their dollars, ultimately saving jobs and bolstering our economy.

Our latest project in this space was a collaboration with Not Another Studio, a local creative agency based in Sumner.

The video clearly and creatively shows how money flows through an economy, regardless of where you spend it. The key message? If you spend locally, the money will eventually come back to you.

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It's time to Shop Local, Ōtautahi Christchurch

David Dyason, ChristchurchNZ economist, said campaigns like this can make a big difference in encouraging local spending and therefore, economic recovery.


People make choices, and those choices have a ripple effect through the economy.”

David Dyason - ChristchurchNZ Economist

“While the buy local campaign can’t explain the workings of the economy in detail, it provides some guidance, and encourages people to spend money which helps our economy recover much quicker than it might have.”

Check out the video (above) and be sure to get out and about to explore our amazing city.

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