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Coffee guide to Christchurch

The café culture in Christchurch is alive and kicking with world-class institutions right at our doorstep. It was hard to choose, but here are our picks for some of the best inner city coffee spots to get your caffeine fix.

1. C1 Espresso – It's been around for 20 years, but always remains fast, fresh and unique. Definitely, a Christchurch must do (who can resist a flying burger with your coffee?).

2. Westend Stories - Bound to become a favourite with fantastic coffee and awesome fit-out. A great place to refuel after a spot of shopping.

3. Little Brews - It's all about coffee at Little Brews. Great pride and attention to detail is taken with every cup. The place to go for your caffeine and conversation fix.

4. Black & White Coffee Cartel –These guys are serious about coffee! Plus they serve Cakes by Anna mini cakes, and Fairlie Bakehouse pies… need we say more?

5. Caffeine Laboratory – One of the most iconic Christchurch places to enjoy your morning brew. New Regent Street is a great backdrop for some seriously good food and coffee.

6. Lil'Ruby Espresso - Super friendly staff, delectable coffee and cabinet treats make Lil'Ruby a go to. If you find it hard to communicate until you've had your early morning coffee fix - don't worry you can order by touch screen - no talking involved!

7. Arbo - Watch the world go by at Arbo. Serving C4's Krank coffee and bites to grab and go if extra energy is required.

8. Park Ranger Central - This cafe is situated in an old factory, the inside of the building is industrial looking, stylish and dark. 

9. Unknown Chapter is often packed with people especially on a weekend. The team roasts their own coffee beans and the smell wavering through the inner city early in the morning is irresistible.