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Christchurch, A City of Pioneering Women

Christchurch and its people have always pushed the boundaries and broken the mould, with few better examples than the pioneering women who shaped us, our city, and the world.

International Women’s Day is on Sunday, 8 March. We wanted to highlight our city’s female leaders as examples of our pioneering spirit.

While it’s easy now to say women can achieve anything, suffragette Kate Sheppard, perhaps our most well-known woman, came up against protests and personalised vendettas, even posters pinned to front doors telling her and her suffragettes to stay away.

Our first European women and their families sought a new life in a far-flung place, eventually trekking the Bridle Path to their new home. A shelter sits at the top of the path, acknowledging their hardships.

No doubt these women would be proud to see their city leading the charge of innovation and thinking, much of it led by women.

Inspirational Christchurch Leaders

Joanna Norris on the Port Hills

Joanna Norris, ChristchurchNZ CEO

Joanna Norris is CEO of ChristchurchNZ, the city’s promotion and economic development agency. She says the success of our city comes down to good leaders prepared to collaborate.
Lianne Dalziel

Lianne Dalziel, Mayor of Christchurch city

Mayor of Christchurch since 2013, Lianne Dalziel said female role models are engrained in the city’s history.
Kamala Hayman, The Editior of The Press

Kamala Hayman, Editor at The Press

Kamala Hayman continues her journalism career as editor of The Press newspaper, taking over from Joanna Norris. Hayman is leading Christchurch’s daily newspaper during a disruptive time for print.
Joanna Blair - Brown Bread

Joanna Blair, Brown Bread Managing Director

Jo Blair started Brown Bread in 2012. It has become a champion of arts and culture in the city, creating excitement and “building communities around great things”.