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WORLD Clothing Sits Pride of Place in SALT District

A proud Kiwi brand, WORLD has you sorted for fresh new looks, homewares, and great gifts. We chat to WORLD designer and director Benny Castles about life in Christchurch city centre.

How long have you worked in the central city?  

WORLD had a store on High Street two years before the earthquake and we re-established our stand-alone store over a year and a half ago on the corner of High and Tuam streets. In between we had a store-within-a-store at Ballantynes, so we've been in the city now for almost 10 years.  

What is your go-to lunch spot?  

Without a doubt it’s C1.  

Where in the city do you live?  

WORLD is an Auckland based brand, and our Christchurch team of three live all over the city.  

Tell us what your ideal day out in the city looks like?  

Breakfast at C1, a fashion consultation at WORLD, Plume and Dual, lunch at INATI followed by a Perfume Masterclasses in-store with a group of our fabulous customers!  

What is your best kept central-city secret?   

That we stock candles from the oldest candle-maker on the planet! 400 years of hand-made wax from Paris – all the way down here in Christchurch. Come and discover Cire Trudon!  

What sets Christchurch central city apart from other places in the city? Or other cities in New Zealand?  

The city is coming to life whilst allowing enough space for everyone and everything – being able to make new discoveries with such ease and elegance is unlike any other city!  

Can you sum up the central city up in one word?  


What would you say to someone who says there is nothing to do in the central city?   

Come and see us at WORLD!!!  

Can you finish this sentence: ’I love Christchurch central city because…”   

Love is in the Air.